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Tourism, Travel and Leisure

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    In conclusion my surveys show that environmental impact is both good and bad. The environmental impact is good in some ways, because as a result of tourism the council needs to keep the area tidier to encourage tourists to visit the area.

  2. Geography Fieldwork - The effects of Tourism in Keswick

    every 10 meters in altitude hence representing the whole walk in a more fair way. Depth Again we went to a point every one hundred meters in altitude, we divided the width measurement by ten to get 10 equal points along the width of the footpath, we then tightened the

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    visit by Princess Charlotte of Wales in 1801 who was advised by her physician to take sea bathing in Southend. Then later on Princess Caroline of Brunswick spent the summer there which led to the resort gaining popularity. The railways in 1864/6 helped to improve communication and the building of the pier became a popular tourist attraction.

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    assembly and are elected to remain in five-year positions by their parties. The national assembly debates all issues and passes new laws or amends laws. Cape town is the legislative centre and Bloemfontein is the judicial centre. The legal system is based on the Roman/Dutch law and the English Common law.

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    ATM'S dispense Hong- Kong Dollars at the daily exchange rate and accept major foreign bankcards and credit- cards. Banks often offer a better exchange rate than hotels but they do charge an administrative fee. The standard unit of Hong Kong's currency is the Hong Kong Dollar, which comes in denominations of: HK$ 1,000, HK$ 500, HK$100, HK$50 and HK$20.

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    during the French Revolution and it was also where there were tank duels during World War II. It could also be classified as a purpose built destination because of the Eiffel Tower, which draws lots of tourists. Yet, it is said to be the most romantic city in the world because of its atmosphere.

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