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Tourism. Two groups took a geography trip to Pickering on two separate days and. Both groups created their own questionnaires

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Geography Coursework Pickering is a historic market town located in North Yorkshire, between York and the North Yorkshire coast. Pickering has many tourist attractions like, the steam railway, Pickering castle, the market and the countryside. It is the gateway to the North York Moors National Park, with its appealing scenery. We are interested to find out what it is that specifically attracts tourists to that area. This is a map of Pickering along with the attractions of Pickering . Two groups took a geography trip to Pickering on two separate days and. Both groups created their own questionnaires and we asked random members of the public these questions. These are some of the questions we asked people while we were in Pickering. Once we had received our results from our questionnaires we compared them with the other group's results 1.Do you live in: A. Pickering B. the area around Pickering C. or are you a tourist 2.What would you say is the main tourist attraction A. The castle B. The steam railway C. The countryside 3. What method of transport did you use to get here today A. ...read more.


This is surprising as Pickering is a tourist town and most of the people we asked were either from Pickering or the area around Pickering and were not actually tourists. My fifth hypothesis is that with the travelling time I can say that a majority of people questioned on both days were from Pickering as it took them less time to travel into Pickering. I can back this up with the results from Table D and Diagram D which both say that the people questioned took 15 minutes or less to travel into Pickering. We also asked people whether they did most o their shopping in Pickering. Our results were; Diagram E These results show that most of the interviewees didn't do most of their shopping in Pickering. This isn't surprising as Pickering doesn't have a major shopping store or any big name stores. So the local people will have to travel out of Pickering to buy all of the luxury items. But the shops that Pickering has are selling the basic goods. With these results they show that a majority of people on both days do their shopping outside of Pickering. ...read more.


The Beverley survey recorded that half of the people in question did their shopping in Beverley. We asked if people would visit the designated town again given the choice and in Pickering there was a few people who said no but in Beverley everybody in question would visit Beverley again. To conclude my study I can say that the reason people are specifically attracted to Pickering is that most people are interested in the steam railway or the market which are both located in Pickering. Where as, in Beverley people were attracted to visiting Beverley because they were visiting or have visited Beverley Minster. A few ways in which I could have improved my study is that I could have included a plan of the shops and businesses of Pickering. Also, I could have written about the shops and businesses and say if they were high, medium or low order businesses. I could have also asked more people the questionnaire which would have made a difference to my results. Also I could have visited Pickering or Beverley on multiple days and then compared the results to see what differences there would be and I could compare each day with one another. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 Christian Thompson ...read more.

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