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Travel and Tourism. 5 Types of Cruises and examples of itinairies

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5 Types Of Cruises River Cruise - A River cruise is a voyage along inland waterways, often stopping at multiple ports along the way. Since cities and towns often grew up around rivers, river cruise ships frequently dock in the center of cities and towns. River cruises can last up to a couple of days depending on which river you're cruising on. River cruises are ideal for travelers who want a more relaxing cruise which stays near land the whole time whilst offering amazing countryside views simultaneously throughout the experience. Also people who want a taste of different cultures would enjoy this type of cruise as the onshore activities include guided tours and historic and cultural sites, visiting local attractions, museums and galleries and other points of interest, all of which they would find pretty interesting. These cruises are generally better suited to an older generation of travelers. An example of this type of cruise would be the roof of the world which is one of the many cruises on offer on the Yangtze river. ...read more.


Round the world cruises then normally continue around Asia before moving on to India, around the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and then either through the Suez Canal and on to cruise the Mediterranean or around Africa before journeying up the South and North Atlantic. They stop off at a lot of ports of calls. An example of a world cruise itinerary that lasts up to 3-4 months is January 2011 01 - 03 Ushuaia, Argentina 04 - 06 at Sea 07 - 10 South Georgia, United Kingdom* 11 At Sea 12 - 18 Antarctica* 19 - 20 at Sea 21 - 22 Ushuaia, Argentina 23 - 26 Chilean Fjords, Chile* 27 - 28 Chacabuco, Chile 29 At Sea 30 - 31 Puerto Montt, Chile February 2011 01 Puerto Montt, Chile 02 At Sea 03 Lirqu�n (Bah�a de Concepci�n), Chile 04 - 08 Valpara�so, Chile 09 - 10 At Sea 11 - 12 Iquique, Chile 13 - 14 at Sea 15 Pisco, Peru 16 - 17 Callao (Lima), Peru 17 - 19 Callao (Lima-Miraflores), Peru 20 - 21 Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru 22 At Sea 23 - 24 Guayaquil, Ecuador 25 At ...read more.


An example of a mini cruise would be the 3 day mini cruise to and from Amsterdam with P&O cruises. On this cruise all meals are included and you can choose from a range of cabins. The price varies for each cabin within a range of �205-�466 a suite being the most expensive. Here is the itinerary for this cruise. No Fly Cruise- NO fly cruises are the number one choices for families with young kids. They are very convenient as you don't have to go through airport and have no long flights to cope with. This type of cruise departs from domestic ports and last up to a couple of weeks. No fly cruises can happen on large cruise ships and some of the smaller ones. Most of the large cruise lines off a selection of this type of cruise. An example of this type of cruise would be a Mediterranean adventurer with princess cruises. The ports of call include; Malga, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, cosica, Ajaccio, Naples, & at sea. The duration of this cruise is 14 nights and prices vary depending on what cabin you choose to stay in. ?? ?? ?? ?? Fahmi Ally ...read more.

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