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Travel and Tourism Worldwide Travel Destinations - Paris

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AVCE Travel and Tourism Worldwide Travel Destinations Paris Task 1: General information: France is the second largest country in Europe and it fall into the northern hemisphere. In the northwest there is, the Brittany Peninsula, Normandy, which has fertile uplands, the Loire Valley and the Seine basin. In the south, the ground rises to the Massif Central; a region of high plateaux and in the east is the Rhone Valley. On the eastern boarders of France are the Jura Mountains, the Vosges and the Western Alps, which fall away on their northern slopes to Alsace-Lorraine. France has a population of 59 million people, who are scattered throughout the country, although Paris has 2.2 million people living in its city. The population is made up of: * French- 92% * North African- 3% * German- 2% * Breton- 1% * Other- 2% (Source: Lonely Planet guide for France) Government: The full name of France is the French Republic. The government type is called Republic and the president is Jacques Chirac. He was elected in 1995 while the prime- minister, Lionel Jospin, was appointed in 1997. The government has twenty-two administrative divisions, which consist of: * Alsace * Aquitaine * Auvergne * Basse-Normandie * Bourgogne * Bretagne * Centre * Champagne-Ardenne * Corse * Franche-Comte * Haute-Normandie * �le-de-France (Paris falls into this administrative division) * Languedoc-Roussillon * Limousin * Lorraine * Midi-Pyrenees * Nord-Pas-de-Calais * Pays de la Loire * Picardie * Poitou-Charentes * Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur * Rhone-Alpes The parliament is composed of the National Assembly and the Senate. All French civilians who are over the age of eighteen directly elect the National Assembly deputies and they serve five-year terms, adults in the overseas departments also vote in these elections. Regional representatives and the National Assembly elect members of the Senate for nine-year terms, or sometimes the National Assembly votes to transfer one of its deputies to the Senate. The chief political parties are the Socialist Party (PS), Communist Party- (PC), Republican Party (RPR) ...read more.


In the Marais, it has a number of chic boutiques, kosher butcheries and traditional bakeries. The Marche aux Puces and the Market of- Fleas have more than three thousand stands, selling a variety of goods from perfumes, wines, cheeses and chocolates to antiques. Another favourite flea market is Vanves, which is held on Saturday and Sunday; it sells fresh produce, meats, cheeses and flowers. Events: There are a number of events that take place throughout the year in Paris. They are as follows: January- 1st is New Year's Day (an annual parade featuring marching bands, colourful floats and dancers) February- No events take place March- No events take place April- Early April is the Paris Marathon (this course begins at Avenue des Champs-Elys�es and continues through the city and past the city's landmarks) and there is also the Paris Film Festival (more than sixty films are screened) May- 8th is World War II Victory Day (a military ceremony takes place) June- Early June is the Antique Show (there are one hundred galleries and museums showcase collections) and there is also the French Open Tennis Tournament. In mid June there is, The Theatre du Chatelet (music, dance and opera performances take place) and there is also The Orchestre de Paris (who perform at various venues) July- Early July to late July is the Tour de France (a world premier cycling event that concludes in Paris along the Avenue des Champs-Elys�es). On the 14th is Bastille Day (there is a parade down Avenue des Champs-Elys�es and bonfires at different venues) August- Mid August is the Paris Neighbourhoods Summer Festival (world music, jazz, symphony concerts, films, theatre performances and other events take place) September- No events take place October- Early October is when the L'Opera National de Paris performs at the Opera- Bastille and there is also the Autumn Festival (theatre, ballet, film and music exhibitions take place). ...read more.


Ferry journeys take approximately one and a half hours and ferries leave from Dover thirty times a day for Calais. From Calais, tourists can take the motorway to Paris that will take approximately three hours. Should tourists choose to take their own car, they will need to travel via ferry and the ferry is comfortable and reasonably priced. As ferries leave Dover at different times of the day, it allows tourists flexibility when planning their journey to France. Tourists can choose between a normal ferry and a hovercraft crossing. Hovercraft crossings take place nineteen times a day from Dover to Calais and are a quicker option than a ferry, as the journey time is only thirty-five minutes, therefore cutting down travelling time. Please note that all crossings are subject to weather conditions, this means that if the sea is rough with huge winds, then all crossings are stopped. The Channel Tunnel- tourists can either go by the Eurostar from London's Waterloo- Station through the Channel Tunnel directly to Paris, which will take approximately three to four hours, including a thirty minute check-in time for when tourists finally arrive in Paris. Travelling by the Eurostar is convenient and extremely comfortable. It offers standard class accommodation or first class travel, including at-seat meals with complementary drinks. Prices vary due to the peak and off-peak seasons. For tourists who choose to leave their car through the Channel Crossing, will need to drive to Dover or to Folkestone, where they will board the channel train. Passengers are expected to sit in their cars within the train for the duration of the crossing and the crossing time should take just under an hour and is reasonably priced as tourists are charged for the vehicle and per number of passengers in the vehicle. This option allows tourists flexibility once they are in France. Task 6: THIS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT IS AT HOME, AS IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO THE REST OF THIS ASSIGNMENT. ...read more.

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