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Travel Writing - Perhaps one of the most memorable places I will ever experience is the beautiful Greece consisting of many attractive and exciting little islands just waiting to be explored my millions of hungry tourists.

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AS Level English Coursework: Travel Writing Perhaps one of the most memorable places I will ever experience is the beautiful Greece consisting of many attractive and exciting little islands just waiting to be explored my millions of hungry tourists. I was fortunate enough to visit the Greek island of Rhodes, staying in Lindos, a buzzing little town on the west coast of the island. Covered in thousands of little white sugar cube houses and peppered with cool blue swimming pools, I had myself my own little island paradise. On arrival to Lindos, the first thing I noticed was the number of Greeks that spoke English. It really is amazing how many of the locals have the politeness to learn our language and it made me feel so much more comfortable in the country I was excited yet apprehensive about visiting. Lindos airport was very packed and disorganised. I had to hand it to the Greeks; they would have to come number one if there was an award for lack of organisation. There were no proper queues or barriers, people were milling around everywhere and there were many holiday reps and taxi drivers holding up name cards and anxiously trying to spot their customers. ...read more.


The long beach was littered with red and blue umbrellas that one had to hire for a day. There were many tourist of different nationalities sprawled along the beach and it was quite interesting just people-watching. One thing that always caught my eye was the local Greek pedalo salesman who rented his pedalos to tourists on the beach. His name was Costa Lot and he could never understand why the English tourists always laughed at him. In the evenings my family and I would have dinner in one of the restaurants in the town somewhere. This was great because I really got a sense of the Greek culture when coming into contact with the local people. Restaurant owners would stand outside their establishments and try to persuade you to choose their restaurant to dine in over all others. It was clear that the locals really depended on tourism to survive out here; the shops, the restaurants, even Costa Lot, they all depended on tourist money. The local food in Greece is really quite an experience in itself. ...read more.


Any tourist visiting Lindos should be aware of some of the tourist sites available to them. In particular is the beautiful Acropolis, an ancient old castle sitting on a hill overlooking the beach. When I entered the Acropolis I was quite taken aback at how huge it was as it looked very small from the outside. It is fairly run down and most of the attraction is walking around the outside; there are many temples and structures inside it which too, were very interesting to see. However I would warn any tourist planning on going there that after just half an hour of walking around, it becomes very hot so taking a bottle of water is advisable. Throughout my whole two week stay in Lindos there was not one day when the weather was not beautiful and sunny. It is the ultimate place to relax and have fun although if you are looking for an action packed sports holiday then this isn't the place for you, try the Centre Parcs brochure. It is definitely a place I would come back to though; the surroundings are stunning, the people friendly and the food is great. As for the price, well it's worth every penny. Sarah Rogers Jean Garland 1 ...read more.

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