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Tropical Deforestation Coursework

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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  1. rivers coursework

    -Also we had to measure up to the opposite channel edge where our partner was. The measurement that was taken was done for each site and can be placed on top of the surface of the water in order to take the length.

  2. Hunstanton coursework

    By looking at graph 4 I can see that most people hear about Hunstanton from friends, the number of people who hears about Hunstanton from relatives is also quite high. 44.4 % of the people who I asked my questionnaire heard about Hunstanton from friends.

  1. Morpeth Coursework

    I was organized by preparing tables for traffic count, 10 pieces of cotton wool in separate bags to test, individually, air pollution, bringing my own clipboard and the appropriate stationary required. We chose 10 different survey sites to test the factors in different areas of Morpeth.

  2. Lulworth Cove Coursework

    The lowest mark was given as a 3 at the Cark Park but taking all into consideration there is not a lot the council can do to reduce the noise pollution in this area, especially when there is so many tourists visiting the cove.

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    Then as you move even further down the average rainfall drops and the vegetation becomes less dense and less varied. Then in the south of India the rainfall increases as you near the equator. The area is very densely vegetated and there is a large variety of plants and trees.

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    Developing on The Maer would destroy a popular amenity. Also developing on The Maer would affect the view of the beautiful Maer for the attractive houses opposite on the hill. The residents would not be at all happy and would more than likely protest.

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    their valuable crops which help to provide many, many families with income. Furthermore, the money aid given to the country is usually in the form of loans; when the country is unable to repay these loans, they get into serious debt.

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    Advantages * The houses would sell more for more money. * This would attract the same group of peoples, which are living there. * This type of house will not contribute for a big increase in traffic, crime and pollution.

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