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Tropical Deforestation Coursework

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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    The soil in the lowlands also had a Ph of 7. The moisture and humus content were high as can be seen from the density test. The soil was smooth in texture and the colour was dark. This is because of the fact that not much sunlight reaches the ground

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    By looking at graph 4 I can see that most people hear about Hunstanton from friends, the number of people who hears about Hunstanton from relatives is also quite high. 44.4 % of the people who I asked my questionnaire heard about Hunstanton from friends.

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    Also the weather was very windy and cold and every pedestrian I saw seem to be there only to walk their dogs. If we went back on a nicer day and more in the summer season we would have collected very different results.

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    To measure Air pollution I am using a biological indicator. Lichens are very sensitive indicators to air pollution. By using the identification sheet I can identify which lichens are present. By doing it this way I can get a more accurate answer.

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    * The houses can be brought wealth people and large families. * The standard of living will be good because the houses are attractive. Disadvantages * Poor access to housing for people with low income. * It does not solve the problem in Reading.

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    On average, visitors of Chiang Mai spend 1,680 Baht every day. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) encouraged domestic tourism including activities to promote day trips and to encourage people to travel on weekdays. (3) Also, an increase of additional flights and to Thailand had occurred such as on November

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    Another diagram of the hydrological cycle Coppicing The coppicing cycle happens normally over 7-20 years and it involves: � Cutting shrubs/trees to their bases. � Stumps growing rapidly producing many shoots while competing for; light, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals from the soil.

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    Thus, biodiversity reduction, combined with climate change, has the potential to spin out of control and to threaten the prosperity of global civilization. Already the scale of biodiversity caused by the present generation of human activities ranks with the great prehistoric extinctions.

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