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tropical desert

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The tropical desert is the driest and hottest place that can be found on earth. They are found in baia California and interior mexico in north America, in the center and east sides of subtropical high-pressure cells where subsiding air affects its moisture transfer. In the tropical desert, precipitation is very irregular and unreliable. Low latitude deserts average less than 25cm in a year. An entire year's worth of rain may fall in one downpour. ...read more.


The descending air of the subtropical high adiabatically warms causing the air to dry out and inhibit condensation. Aridity also arises as distance from moisture sources increases. Leeward situations in the rainshadow which also promotes dry conditions. Cool coastal deserts are found along coasts where cold water is upwelling. Also, the continental location of many tropical deserts places them far from a source of moisture, the ocean. Combine continentality with the strong subsidence of the subtropical high and one of the driest place on earth. ...read more.


A parcel of air starts to move north and it would be deflected by the coriolis effect. Its path would then turn eastward. Later, the pressure gradient force and the coriolis effect will be in balance and so the wind will blow along the latitude toward the east. With no further poleward movement possible, the eastward-moving air tends to accumulate in the subtropical zone at about latitude 20? to 30?. The accumulation of air causes a sinking motion to develop in this zone, which in turn creates a surface high pressure belt, subtropical high. Subtropical high pressure belt affects the air circulation and lower the precipitation in tropical desert. ...read more.

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