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Types of Tourism and Travel Providers.

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´╗┐Assignment 1: Introduction to the Travel and Tourism sector Types of Tourism: Domestic tourism is when a tourist goes on holiday within their own country for example a day trip to Alton Tower. Outbound tourism is where a tourist travels from their own country to a different country for a holiday or leisure purposes. An example would be a family take a week?s trip to Dubai. Inbound Tourism is when a tourist from a different country enters another country for leisure purposes for example a group of friends visiting the UK for leisure purposes. There are lots of different components that make up the Tourism industry: Accommodation There are 2 types of accommodation serviced and non-serviced. Serviced accommodation is where a service is provided for example thing like room service, a cleaner who cleans your room in the morning and meals are provided an example would be Marriott Hotel www.marriott.com Mostly Inbound, Outbound and some domestic, business and leisure tourist will use this kind of accommodation. A non ?serviced accommodation is where there is no service provided so thing like cleaning and food is your own responsibility an example would be www.Hoseasons.co.uk mostly domestic tourists will use this kind of accommodation, also a minority of inbound tourist might use this type of accommodation. Transport provision There 4 main types of Transport provision which are Road, Rail, Air and sea. ...read more.


There are lots of different types of tourists who visit the Lake District lots of inbound tourists visit it when visiting and a large number of domestic tourists. Malham Cove is a natural limestone formation which is located in the Yorkshire dales and is a very popular beauty spot in England which is 250 foot tall and hall 400 steps to go to the top which has a stunning view and is a great hiking location that why it attracts the numerous of different tourist mostly during summer. The UK also has many heritage attractions one of which is Stonehenge, Stonehenge is an ancient Monument located in Wiltshire England and is one the most well-known sites in the world. Many Tourists visit Stonehenge to see the history behind it and see the magnificent stones. There are many purpose built attractions in the UK varying from theme parks to museums. Two very famous theme parks in the UK are Alton towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Alton towers is one of the biggest theme parks, Water Park and resort in the UK it has the world first freefall drop rollercoaster called the Th13teen , Blackpool Pleasure Beach use to hold a world record for the world?s tallest and steepest rollercoaster in the world and 74 mph top speed but now it is Europe?s tallest rollercoaster. So the rides the theme park has to offer attracts most of the tourists. ...read more.


The aim of all these travel agents is to make a profit and provide a service to their customers. Tourism Development and Promotion The roles of Tourism Development and Promotion is to promote a countries/attraction to attract tourists toward them, these tourist boards like Visit Britain promote the attractions Britain has to offer by advertising on TV internet and their website www.visitbritain.com which has a lot of information on different thing like accommodation and things to do. Their aim is to attract inbound tourists mostly but also domestic tourists to go on holiday within Britain which is good for the economy. Trade Associations and Regulatory bodies Trade associations and regulatory bodies are set up to represent companies in a specific industry and listen to what companies in their sector have to say. In the travel and tourism industry there is the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), and the role of ABTA is to maintain high standard and give guidance on health and safety, provide financial protection and make sure that the industry and public get a fair deal. ABTA is a non-profit organisation. ANCILLARY SERVICES Ancillary services are a vital part of the travel and tourism industry as all holidaymaker need specific things to go on holiday whether it is a visa or a plug converter. Ancillary services includes things like car hire, travel insurance, currency exchange. These services provided by different companies these services are mostly for outbound and inbound tourists. An example is of ancillary service company is Hertz car rental, Hertz is an international company which rent out cars. ...read more.

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