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United Kingdom is becoming the Europes most higly populated nation in last two generations caused by immigration. Most of the immigrants dont come from China or Korea as in other countries but from Poland.

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Is it simply a case of "cheap nannies, cheap restaurants and Polish plumbers" ? United Kingdom is becoming the Europe's most higly populated nation in last two generations caused by immigration. Most of the immigrants don't come from China or Korea as in other countries but from Poland. Polish migration to the UK started in 1974 by the Polish resettlement act, continued and also increased significanyly in 2004, when Poland together with other 7 eastern European countries ( known as A8) and 2 mediterranean island states joined the European Union and citizens of these countries won the freedom to work in Britain. Many members of these countries used this advantage and came to Britain to get a job but even in 2004 the proportion of Polish immigrants with A8 countries was 38% and it increased rapidly and in 2005 it was 70% furthermore by July 2006 447 000 people from Eastern Europe registered with the WRS and 62% of them were polish. ...read more.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of polish migration to the UK. The biggest advantage is the economic impact on the UK. Polish migrants caused the economic growth of the UK to increase by half in 2005-2006 and it raised from 0.5% to 1% and �2.54bn is contributed to the UK's economy by eastern European immigrants. Many of polish immigrants come unskilled such as farmers and they make up the cheap labour force in Britain. They are also very hardworking and flexible due to the will of making the employer happy. Most of poloish immigrants are 18-35 years old what makes them more valuable because they are more willing to work and are much stronger and also they benefit to the UK's ageing population. Also many doctors and dentists from Poland migrated to the UK, due to the fact that doctor's income in Poland and also in many other european countries are PONIZUJUCO low despite an excellent medical education in those countries. ...read more.


proportion of the poles are going back to their country with the earnings they have made in the UK what contributes to the decreased GDP per capita in the UK that I mentioned before. Also there are many illegal immigrants and large proportion is not paying tax for the money they earn. However, many efforts have been made to make the migrants lives easier such as opening a telephone service in Pilsh, road signs in Polish in some areas and so on. Over 600 000 eastern europeans migrated to the uk so far and it has been said to be the major demographic event of the current decade. Most of the migrants are registered with WRS in manufacturin, agriculture and fisheries and distribution,hotel and retail. However, the workers in banking and finance, education and healt and public administration are under-represented. The impact of the polish immigrants is huge in many areas, but the most significant is in the economics. The predictions together present facts states that many migrants have already returned home and many of them are planning to go home. ...read more.

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