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Urban Pollution: Causes and Solutions

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Causes of urban pollution Cars: One of the main causes of urban pollution is the increasing number of cars and other vehicles on the road. Exhaust emissions from these vehicles result in the production of the main green house gases carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions. This not only damages the urban environment by polluting the air but is possibly a cause of respiratory diseases. Traffic congestion causes high levels of carbon emissions Solutions: There are a number of ways of limiting the number of vehicles and amount of emissions in urban areas. Encouraging public transport such as trams and tubes significantly reduces the number of vehicles on the road and so reduces congestion as well as pollution. ...read more.


These measures have been introduced in Glasgow and have proved to be very successful. To encourage people to use more environmentally friendly cars taxes may be reduced on cars such as electrically powered ones or even increase the taxes of less environmentally friendly ones. However this option would e extremely unpopular. Factories Factories cause numerous problems such as atmospheric pollution due to high sulphur dioxide and other green house gas emissions. They can cause health problems in urban areas as pollutants and other by-products are released into water supplies. Many factories produce toxic waste products which aren't properly disposed of. Solutions By using cleaner, renewable fuels to run factories you can reduce the amount of green house gas emissions and air pollution. ...read more.


These not only cause visual pollution but also health problems as materials such as plastics cannot be easily broken down resulting in a build up of dirt and attracting vermin. Solutions There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of litter in urban areas. The most obvious is improved waste disposal services which collect litter more frequently. There should be plenty of bins around an urban area so that no one has an excuse to litter. Another effective way to deter people from littering is introducing high littering charges which could range up to a thousand pounds which will make people think twice about casually littering. Another way to help the clearance of litter is to increase community labor for punished people to help clear litter off the streets. High levels of litter result in health problems ...read more.

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