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Visit to the central Business district of Kidderminster.

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GCSE Geography Fieldwork Investigation Introduction For my GCSE fieldwork we were required to visit the central Business District (CBD for short) of a town or a city. The town that I will investigate is called Kidderminster, and is located in Central England, near the Wyre Forest District in the countryside of Worcestershire on the Stour River. Kidderminster is just 19 miles south of Birmingham. It has a very industrial history and is known as the origin of the Carpet Industry. The carpet manufacturing industry was established in 1735. The population of the town is 54,644, which were recorded last in 1991. Aim My aim is to find out if the number of pedestrians increases in number when moving towards the CBD. Also another aim is that I will find out if Kidderminster has the same features as a CBD. Predictions I have made some predictions to accompany my aim. 1. The closer you get to the CBD, the more shops there are present. 2. As you get closer to the CBD, the population density will increase. 3. The Shop and Environmental quality will increase, as you get closer to the CBD. 4. The frontages will become smaller as you get closer to the CBD. 5. There will be an increase in specialist shops as distance is shortened towards the CBD. 6. As the houses near the CBD, they will become more nucleated. I believe in these hypothesizes because of many geographical factors present, which apply to most towns in MEDC's. I also believe that this is the case as when you move further away from the CBD there are less shops and businesses for the people to shop at for their leisure. A CBD also consists of large variety of shops including department stores. These shops sell products of high quality and the fact that the shops are paced closely together adding competition for customers, the shops will use different tactics as Sales, special offers and Discounts, which in turn will attract more people. ...read more.


In this aspect, the survey is flawed, but not many surveys are perfect. As so many points were done, one or two anomalies shouldn't matter too much to the overall theory that Kidderminster has the features of a CBD. 4. At transect point 8, there are only three under 16's which are noted, this could have been a human error, or another reason might be that most children might have been in school, but this does not suggest the reason why there are 21 under 16's which are at point 9 on the graph shown in figure 2. Figure 3 If I compare my results to the North Transects results I can make sum conclusions. Seen as though the students analysing the North transect points had overall more pedestrians in their survey could be more reliable than the East transects results, because the students doing the Northern transect might have stayed at each transect point for longer and therefore more reliability has gone into their results. However, in the East transect, there might have been less pedestrians rooming the streets or going to work, or any other. This could mean that in some transect points there would be less pedestrians in others, e.g., figure 2 at Transect point 8. Neither less, the two graphs (figure 2 and 3) prove that my prediction is coming into action, because the number of pedestrians does increase as you go towards the CBD. In my Introduction I made some predictions to state that Kidderminster has the features of a CBD. One of my hypotheses was that, "The Shop and Environmental quality will increase, as you get closer to the CBD". This is because a CBD has the most shops, offices, entertainment and culture. The area has a lot of money to be spent on improving pedestrian activity. Figure 4 Figure 4 above shows the shop quality from transect 1 to 10. ...read more.


To improve upon this method, a range of people could pass their judgement to whether the environmental quality and shop quality scores high or low. A collective view can produce more accurate results, but my results according to my graph, proved my prediction correct overall. When recording the details for each building along the left hand side for Lea Street, I had to fill in a range of details for the land type, quality and frontages. However, there was also another box in which you could put in any addition comments about each building. This was also un-reliable, because it was not specific, and the comments could include details such as age of the building, whether it had double-glazing or not, name of the building etc. Some of these choices are sufficient enough to use, such as double glazing for quality, however the choices are unlimited and some can be used purely opinion based, such as how old the building looks. If I compare Kidderminster to Birmingham, I can see that they both differ greatly, because firstly Birmingham is a well-established city, whereas Kidderminster is a town. In Birmingham, the CBD has high-rise buildings, chain and department stores, office blocks and banks, tourist attractions such as the newly built Bull Ring. This in comparison to Kidderminster is a complete and fully-fledged CBD, because it meets all the requirements from textbook definitions, and to my hypotheses. Kidderminster relates to my hypotheses but because Kidderminster isn't apart of the West Midlands Conurbation, it can't be compared to a city such as Birmingham, because it has a great CBD. The investigation in Kidderminster went very well in my opinion, but in some cases improvements could be made to achieve more accurate and reliable results. The graphs that were plotted off the results show trends in surveys such as the pedestrian counts in which it increases. Kidderminster met most of my predictions and it would be safe to say that Kidderminster does have the features of a typical CBD. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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