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Volcano eruption in Montserrat

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Montserrat Volcano: What has happened? The Soufri�re Hills Volcano on the Island of Montserrat has been active since 1995, leaving thousands of people homeless. 19 people killed in the 1995 eruption. The volcano erupted unexpectedly, in July 1995; it has been active ever since, causing a disruption to the small Caribbean island. 7,000 people were evacuated out of 10,500, many of their businesses, and homes were destroyed. Scientists are monitoring the volcano, and have set up warning system via radio, and sirens. The volcano caused many problems; the tourist industry was ruined, as well as hotels. ...read more.


The British government sent �17 million to help the people of Montserrat, the USA also helped by sending their troops for evacuation. Methodist Pastor Joan Meade describes what is left of one of her parishes. "My largest congregation was in Bethal," she told the BBC's Science in Action programme. "There are no dwelling houses or schools in the area anymore, so it wouldn't be a question of people returning home." The volcano can likely erupt any time, so scientists are trying to predict when the next eruption is likely to happen, they are also trying to stimulate the path which pyroclastic flows are likely to take. ...read more.


The volcano also released poisonous gases such as sulphur dioxide, these cause breathing difficulty, and also contributes to acid rain. Animals and plants also died in the event, although there are many disadvantages, there are also advantages, which include the heat produced can be used for electricity in an environmentally way, when the lava cools, the soil becomes fertile. Minerals are also found such as borax. Tourist may come back to Montserrat; the volcano itself might become a tourist attraction. However scientists are still monitoring the volcano, their advice is passed onto the government of Montserrat. ...read more.

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