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Walter the Water particle

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Hi my names Walter. I'm a water particle and I live with my friends. It's a fun life being a water particle your always on the move. So one day my friends and I were chilling down in the sea flowing with the currents as we do every day when suddenly the sun began to bear down on us! We had no idea what was happening to us but we got hotter and hotter and hotter until we began to feel quite light-headed. With this light-headedness we slowly began to rise up out of the sea towards the sky! I remembered what mum had told me that when you get light-headed you become erm... waiter valour? No, no erm... water vapour that's the one! We got higher and higher until we started to slow down. We huddled together as all the other drops were doing. We all began moving west I think, in the distance we could see mountains slowly moving towards us. ...read more.


The droplets bounce and settle back down. Some slip between the leaves on the forest floor and into the soil beneath, off to explore underground. Our droplet combines with others running downhill in tiny streams. This is what the older particles are calling the source; they say this is how a river begins. As the tiny stream gets a little bit wider we begin to gradually speed up till we are flying down through v-shaped valleys which are deep and narrow. We also twist around boulders and rocks, and twist and turn this way and that way. I don't like the feeling it makes me water sick! The bends are in a snaking pattern, finally we make it through there I'm told they are called interlocking spurs but I don't know why. I look back at it and notice that I can't actually see the river so that must be why it's called interlocking spurs. I notice underneath me pebbles are swirling around on the riverbed; this seems to be making holes. ...read more.


They are really fast on the outside of the bend and slow on the inside. I tried both sides of the bends and I liked the outside as it is fast and fun, it's kind of exciting! Meanders bend this way and that way, the whole flow was relaxing so I lay on my back the whole way down. My friends got caught on the inside of the bend and had to help with the transportation. Ha-ha gutted! On either side on the banks there were a build up alluvium; apparently this happens after a flood has happened. That's news to me! This build up raises the river bank. We're coming up to the end now I'm quite glad as I've had enough excitement for one day! We're at the delta which is at the end of the river our delta is a Bird's Foot delta. The delta has a few distributaries leading off the river. Finally I'm back in the sea, I'd better find mum and let her know I'm ok and have made it back safely. I hope this doesn't happen to me again, well at least not for a little while! ...read more.

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