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Water Resource Management Challenges In the Republic of Niger And Indiana of the United States

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Dong, Jiajia Water Resource Management Challenges In the Republic of Niger And Indiana of the United States Introduction With the advance of economy and the improvement of technology, people’s living standards have grown steadily. As the water is the most fundamental element of life, demand of water has increased significantly. People use water everywhere for agriculture, industry, and daily life. However, the water supply is finite in the world. According to the article “Freshwater Crisis”ï¼the author states that there is 70 percent of water on the planet for total, 2.5 percent of water is fresh, and 1 percent is available for people using. (“Fresh water Crisis,”) That means, not all fresh water on the planet is available for human, because of most water resources is not that easily to get. Water from lakes, rivers could be fresh water for human demand. But the water from saline and ocean-based is not for human using. So that, water resources are limited on the planet. Most countries that includes developed countries and developing countries face the water resources crisis. Especially, the countries in the Sub Saharan Africa has much less water than other areas of the world. ...read more.


Water resource management challenges has effected on economic status directly. Moreover, irrigation technology did not get improved causes worse economic status. Nigerian is too poor to get new technology irrigation machine to improve agriculture. According to the poor conditions irrigation machine, Nigerian could not manage water resource to irrigate plants and produce crops effectively. So that economy of Niger has not gotten increased. Furthermore, water resource management challenge on water quality of Niger society. The water resources management challenges face on water quantity scarcity, but also water quality is poor. Terrible water quality become to another water resource problem to challenge Niger society. There is 97% people drink unsafe water. Some of them got sick from that water. (Havorson, et al., 2011) This data means poor water quality has serious consequence human?s life. To sum up, water resource management challenges to the Republic of Niger on agriculture is arduous. That will impact on economic status and society. Challenges in Indiana of the United States Compare to the Republic of Niger, the challenges of water resources management in the United States are easily than Niger. ...read more.


There is a close relationship between the earth and human. Every individual in the world should involve to protecting resources no matter how much water resources. Fortunately, people realized how water resources valuable is. Many countries have relevant measure to manage water and face challenges. Building dam, improving water recycle, and solving water pollution are some effectively measures that many countries works on. Also, making water laws is another measure in the U.S. Agriculture water pollution has been better after the implementation of the law. Similarity, improving agricultural technology is working on water pollution. Encouraging farmer use high technology machines, less pesticide on crops still could reduce water pollution. For example, China has built SanXia dam to focus on South-to-North water diversion. Chinese get series of benefits from the SanXia dam, such as fixing water flood in the south area, and solving drought in the north area in China. At the same time, SamXia dam improves hydrogen power and get promotion from electric. This is not the only one case shows successful challenge of water resources management. Human should create much more methods to manage resources. Beyond immediate interest, focus on long-term trend that could make the environment better and more. ...read more.

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