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We want to delimit the CBD of Preston. We will find out if Preston's' CBD has a core and a frame. This question will help me to identify the aims of the investigation.

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Preston Fieldwork Identifying The Question We want to delimit the CBD of Preston. We will find out if Preston's' CBD has a core and a frame. This question will help me to identify the aims of the investigation. Developing a Strategy I will use land use maps of the CBD of Preston to find out how the land is used. I will do this because they will help me to determine the limits of the CBD. I will also count the number of pedestrians will decrease as I get further away from the PVLI. I am going to look at the shop appearances and I predict that the appearance of the shops will worsen and the quality will decrease as my distance increases from the PVLI. I will look at the street quality/appearance and I predict that the quality of the streets will decrease, as I get further away from the PVLI. I am also going to look at the types of shops in Preston and I predict that there will be an influx of low order shops as my distance from the PVLI increases. ...read more.


The results are as follows: Stop Shopping Quality (/25) Street Appearance (/25) 1 23 23 2 20 18 3 15 11 4 11 12 5 11 9 6 8 10 7 20 8 8 1 10 9 1 8 10 1 11 The higher the score the better the street appearance and street quality was. Therefore stop one which was Marks and Spencer's in the CBD had the best shopping and street quality. I also used the town functions recording sheet to record the types of shops that were situated in my transect. This was to determine the type and quality of the shop. For example, if it sells high order or low order goods, e.g. umbrella shops are low order, where as department stores, are high order. Therefore this is delimited as being in the core. Analysis From collecting all the data about Preston's CBD and PVLI I have discovered many things that will help me to determine if Preston had a core and a frame. ...read more.


I think that this is so because a significant amount of change is visible as this distance from the CBD is increased. This is shown by the building quality worsening and the amount of shops declining along the transect. Also most human activity is usually situated in the CBD, and Preston fits this assumption because the number of pedestrians also declines as the distance from the CBD and PVLI is increased. Another reason why it is so visible that Preston has a core and a frame with different sections within each of these is that the usage of the building changes as remoteness from PVLI and CBD increases. Furthermore the cost of the land decreases in the same way. This is visible because all the major, multi-national brands are situated in the PVLI whereas specialist local stores are situated in side streets and in the frame of Preston because they are unable to compete will the monies of the larger companies. Therefore my piece of fieldwork has concluded that Preston does have a core and a frame. Emma McIntyre 12Y Preston Fieldwork ...read more.

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