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We will be investigating what type of houses and shops are in Llandudno and where these shops and houses are located. We will also be investigating where most of the pedestrians are on the high street. This will be done by doing a pedestrian-count.

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Introduction We will be looking at a town in North-Wales. This town is called Llandudno. 200 years ago this town was a small fishing village with very few buildings. Now with its unique combination of Victorian style and Edwardian style, Llandudno is the largest holiday resort in Wales. We will be investigating what type of houses and shops are in Llandudno and where these shops and houses are located. We will also be investigating where most of the pedestrians are on the high street. This will be done by doing a pedestrian-count. To find out what type of houses Llandudno has, we will be split up into twelve groups, we will be given a map with a piece of paper showing pictures of houses and describing what they look like. We will be also be given another piece of paper showing codes given to different types of housing. On the map it will show us the directions we have to use to get to the starting point to the finishing point. Between the starting point to the finishing point, every 25 steps we will look at the house beside us and write down the code on a piece of paper. We do this until the space on the piece of paper has finished or if we get to our destination before we finish the page. To find out what type of shops are on the high street in Llandudno (in the same groups that we are in), we will be given a map and on the map it will tell us what parts of the high street to investigate (this will be the highlighted part of the map). We will also be given a sheet of paper with symbols to describe what shops have which description. We will be investigating shops and stores on these two streets; "Mostyn Street" and "Mostyn Broadway". The map that we are given is a birds eye view of the high streets. ...read more.


5 people said Colwyn Bay, 5 people said Chester, 3 people said Liverpool, 2 people said Bangor, 1 person said Aberystwyth, another person said Pwellheli and another person said Wrexham. This pie-chart shows the results for the question we asked to 38 people if they use the retail park or not. 57.9% said yes and 42.1% said no. This pie-chart shows how many people in Llandudno think of Llandudno's Centre more as a result. We asked 21 people this question. 42.9% said yes, 33.3% said no and 23 .8% said the same. This graph shows, out of the 39 people that we asked 6 people shop at individual shops, 20 shop at Asda, 10 shop at Safeway and 13 shop at Tesco. This graph shows what the community think of Llandudno. The answers are given percentage. Justifications Using a Map 1) The map acts as a guide. 2) It helps to overcome troubles like missing some places out. 3) It helps us to travel along the highlighted path without getting lost or making a wrong turn. 4) The maps help us to do most things correctly. 5) It helps us to know how far away we are from the CBD. Every 25 double paces we are taking the environmental evaluation. There must be a reasonable amount of distance from each and every house. We are taking environmental evaluation because we want to see whether the housing and land, use patterns to fit into the urban land use model. We are given a place on the map of a high street to investigate what services and shops are in those areas. We are also given a piece of paper with codes. We are given a block and also we had given a block where we should look at every shop or service and decide which category to put in. We are entering the key number in the result sheet is to give a good neat sketch of the town centre. ...read more.


My ninth prediction was other houses towards the centre of town are in zone 1. This is another prediction that was correct. My tenth prediction was that clear zones of residential, retail services are found in Llandudno. This is another prediction which is true. My eleventh prediction was that pedestrian flow is greatest at CBD. This is because the pedestrians go to a lot of chain stores. As you can see this is another prediction that is correct. My last prediction was that the retail park in Llandudno will have impact on the shoppers. This was another prediction that came true because when I was interviewing pedestrians some of them said that they like the retail park. As you can see almost all of my predictions came true apart from one. How Could I Have Improved These Results 1) I could have done these results on the weekend because the weekend is slightly busier. 2) If we had more time that way we could ask more questions and carry out more investigations. 3) This could have been repeated every weekend for 4 weeks to see if the response of the tourists differed. In my course-work I did come across some difficulties. Some of these difficulties were when I was writing down symbols for the different shops there were more shops on the street than on the map and so that was difficult to fill in. Another difficulty I came across is when my partner filled in the environmental evaluation recording sheet wrong, and it took me some time trying to fix it which I have done now. Acknowledgements I would like to thank these people for helping me in my coursework: I would like to thank Deepan for helping me in my Analysis. I would like to thank Yasin for helping me a bit on Analysis. I would like to thank Omar for helping me with my Graphs. I would like to thank Roshan for giving me some helpful information for my background information. Appendix Kassum Hussain 11YB Geography G.C.S.E. Coursework 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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