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What and where is the rainforest ecosystem?

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What and where is the rainforest ecosystem? An Ecosystem is the interrelationship between plants and animals and their living and non-living environment. In an ecosystem there would be stores of energy. In this case the example of stores are the people and the trees in the rainforest. The inputs of a rainforest are the Ecosystem, and the outputs are what material is lost. This map is showing where the Amazon rainforest is positioned within South America. As you see majority of South America is the Amazon rainforest. On the map the green parts are the Amazon rainforest The Amazon rainforest is located near the equator; this is because it is between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, also because most of the world's rainforest are located among the equator. The Amazon rainforest trees are built up of layers. Each layer has different jobs to do, meaning the top layer would make all the food it needs, whereas the second layer stops the sunlight from reaching to the next for vegetation. The layers of the Amazon rainforest differ in many different ways, naming a few: they receive different amount of light, different amount of temperature, and also different measurements of rain. ...read more.


Some water infiltrates into the soil and is taken up by the trees and the roots. The trees lose most of their water through transpiration. Water vapour then diffuses into the atmosphere. The water vapour cool and condenses. This happens over and over again, meaning the cycle starts again. The Nutrient cycle is when the trees absorb sunlight, Carbon dioxide and water. This process is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when plats and trees make their own food and energy. The leaves of the trees and plants fall of containing nutrients. This forms leaf litter on the soil. When theses are left for a long time bacteria eventually decomposes theses forming humus. Humus contains nutrients. After this decomposing the nutrients are left behind. Meanwhile the trees and plant absorb these when they need them, they do this through the roots. If this doesn't happen it could lead to soil infertility. This is repeated over and over again. What interest groups see a value in the rainforest? Are these local, national or global interests? The tropical rainforest, in this case the Amazon rainforest has been exploited in many ways, people also wants to explore the rainforest to make or build their own industry within the rainforest. ...read more.


Large cattle pastures often replace rain forest to raise beef for the world market. There is such a large amount of global interest in the rainforest, such as the loggers who exploit the rainforest for timber, rubber. This can be very destructive in the neighbourhood, meaning when the loggers knock down the trees they knock down few at the same time, this could cause the homes of poor people to be destroyed. Also this could cause flooding in the rainy season, when it rain the rain could fall straight down on the surface of the forest floor instead of fall on the canopies of the trees. This would cause soil infertility. There is one more reason this could be destructive is that there would be no roots to hold the soil together so there would be no nutrients for the trees. Global interest is a major concern to the people who live in the Amazon rainforest, this is because people from around the world come just to exploit the rainforest. This would mean that the Brazilian government is pleased, this is because they would make tones of profit, this is because the tourist would buy the goods such as fruits, wood, latex, which is used to form rubber. ...read more.

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