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What are the effects of tourism on Castleton?

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Geography coursework What are the effects of tourism on Castleton? Introduction In my geography coursework I am aiming to find out the effect of tourism on Castleton. I am finding out if the tourism in the village is a good or bad thing for the village and the residents. In order to prove this I must prove or disprove the following hypotheses: * Hypothesis 1 - Castleton is a honey pot. * Hypothesis 2 - Tourism has brought only benefits to Castleton. Castleton is a small village in the national park the peak district. There are roughly seventy villages situated throughout the peak district. In England there are also eight other national parks in England. The largest national park in England is the Lake District. The peak district gets so busy because it is surrounded by many large city's which include Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham. There are also three national parks in Wales. The peak district measures 1404 km3. The weather conditions in the peak district are usually cloudy, windy and extremely cold in winter. Some winter's people can be snowed in because of the large amounts of snow that have fallen in such a short time. ...read more.


Peak District National Park is in northern England, established in 1951 and the oldest national park in Britain. It covers an area of about 1,438 sq km. The Peak District National Park is the first national park in Britain. It is situated between Manchester and Sheffield and covers the Moor lands area of Staffordshire. This famously wild scenery, characterized by open, heather-clad moors cultivated valleys, crags, and hills, displays great biodiversity. A network of public footpaths makes the area easily accessible to walkers. A floral garland in the shape of a horseman, placed on a horse at a festival in Castleton. Most the year the weather in Castleton is mild temperatures and in winter the temperatures are very cold they drop below freezing and they also have very strong winds. My opinion of Castleton I like the looks of Castleton but I don't think I would ever go again unless I had too. It is a beautiful place but it is too hilly and cold and small for me. Car Park Survey This is a table to show the results of the car park survey we did when we first arrived in the main car park of Castleton. ...read more.


* Hypothesis 2 - Tourism has brought only benefits to Castleton. Tourism hasn't only brought benefits to Castleton. It has also brought troubles to the residents. Some troubles tourism has brought are: litter, traffic, lack of parking spaces, noise, too many people, damage, scaring animals and destroying footpaths. These problems can cause a small village a lot of money in repairs and damages. The good sides or tourism are: More jobs, More money being put into the area, better roads, better foot paths and better opportunities. So the hypothesis of tourism only bringing benefits is false. I wouldn't say there are any major problems with tourism effecting Castleton but I would say they need to improve car parking spaces and be more equipped for the large amounts or people who like going there to see there beautiful scenery. Pictures of Castleton Also while we were in Castleton we had chance to take some pictures of the effects of erosion on Castleton's grave yard and we also got a picture of the Pevril Castle. I am now going to add some of my erosion pictures into my course work. These pictures are of grave stones in the local grave yard which have been destroyed over the past years some have been eroded so much that they have become weak and collapsed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Martin Hodgson ...read more.

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