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What are the impacts of Global warming on people & the enviroment?

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What are the impacts of Global warming on.... The Environment * The polar ice caps will melt - this will raise sea levels, by as much as 60cm by the beginning of the next century. * The higher sea levels will affect low-lying coastal areas such as Bangladesh. Millions of people will be at danger from flooding and will have to leave their homes. * Higher temperatures will make water from oceans and seas expand. ...read more.


People * Infectious diseases, such as malaria, will spread and kill thousands of people. * The rising temperature increases the amount of smog, leading to higher death rates from heart and lung ailments. * Money will be lost because of bad crops and people having to move out of their home because of the risk of flooding. * Less rain, warmer temperatures and greater evapotranspiration could reduce agricultural yields by a third or more. ...read more.


This money would have to come from an increased cost in tax, which is bad news for taxpayers and would lead to a worldwide recession, as is currently. > Roads, airport runways and railway lines may require maintenance as they are exposed to weather which they are not designed for. > Food prices will go up because of biofuel production. > Real estate prices will rise, due to the simple fact that there will be much less land to buy and sell. > Millions of people will move away from low lying coastal areas. It will cost money to replace things damaged from flooding. ...read more.

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