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What Bradley Stoke has to offer?

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What Bradley Stoke has to offer? When Bradley Stoke was first developed it had a lot of good things to offer. In Bradley Stoke there is a wide range of modern newly houses with good facilities inside. Bradley Stoke has the great advantage of the motorway, which makes it quite an accessible place for commuters who want to go to London or Bristol. There is a regular bus service, however, it is quit slow due to the system of the roads. There's also a lot of open space, which is used as woods or cycling paths. It is quite close to many ancient monuments such as the Roman City of Baths. There are many opportunities for business. There is a library and a large youth hostel along with an indoor leisure complex complete with cinemas. There are many more things that are available. However due to poor funding it has been difficult to maintain or run some of these facilities. ...read more.


* There are burglar problems. * Too much noise from the traffic of the motorway. * A lot of construction work going on here. * Poor public service. Too many cars on the roads. * The developers hoped that there would be a wide range of age group. However majority of the people are young as shown by the population pyramid on the page opposite: Is there a bright future for Bradley Stoke? Bradley Stoke's future lies in the hand of the people. So, if the people aren't quite satisfied then Bradley Stoke won't be such a successful place. When the houses were built they were quite expensive and the value of land was rising quite rapidly. This attracted many people who thought that the prices would keep on increasing and so many people bought houses here. However all was not good and the prices eventually fell. There was a negative equity as if people sold their houses then they would get less money then they bought the house for. ...read more.


The current situation for the schools here is that there is only one primary school. Plans are being made to include more schools but Bradley Stoke in my opinion is not a place for your children to study. Q: What type of family would you recommend Bradley Stoke? A: Not a single man, but a family with younger kids who go to primary school. Editor's Words Well my final conclusion of Bradley Stoke is that it hasn't been a success. The only part that has worked out is probably the housing, however, the rest hasn't quite been that successful as there are no community buildings, very few leisure facilities and nothing to do for the older kids here. You can't live permanently here; it can be used for a temporary house. It's disappointing because it has been planned using a computer so it should be perfect but it hasn't worked out. Not only has it wasted money but also valuable green space. If you have any queries concerning Bradley Stoke you may visit the Bradley Stoke website: www.bradleystoke.co.uk or you can email me at arif@bradleystoke.co.uk ...read more.

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