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What Characteristics Does Lincolns Central Business District (CBD) Have In Comparison To The Tritton Road Retail Area?

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What Characteristics Does Lincolns Central Business District (CBD) Have In Comparison To The Tritton Road Retail Area? I have chosen this title to work with because I am interested in how things have changed in major cities over the years and why they have changed. I am interested in comparing it to existing problems in the United Kingdom. I have studied case studies like the honey pot areas of the peak district and the traffic problems in Glasgow and I want to discover whether the principles I learnt can be applied to my chosen coursework topic. I have also read in the newspapers that Tritton Road is taking away people from the City Centre shopping area. I also see Lincoln quite a lot on the local news and was inspired on doing some work on it. The following Geographical theories will be investigated in my coursework: * Towns/cities have needed to respond to various threats and challenges: out-of-town shopping and offices take trade and people out of the CBD. The responses from councils and private landowners may be assessed. (See separate sheet.) Counter-urbanisation may lead to a declining population and an increase in commuting. ...read more.


I wanted to see if the decline in shops around the high street area was to do with where people shopped and why. 3. The CBD in Lincoln is now not as busy as the Tritton Road area and it has started to decline Methodology What is the difference between Traffic congestion in the CBD and Tritton Road? What do the pedestrians think of it? For this hypothesis, I used the following primary data collection skills: * Traffic count. * Traffic survey of pedestrians. I also used the following secondary data collection skill: * Internet, traffic flow charts for Lincoln. I used the traffic count as I needed to find out how any vehicles went past on the two roads in a certain amount of time so I could work out where traffic was the biggest problem. I used the traffic survey so I could ask questions to residents and visitors and get their opinion on traffic in Lincoln. I conducted my data collection at Tritton Road and Hungate on Tuesday the 18th of April for 10 minutes each between 11.00 and 11.30. I decided on these locations as Tritton road is a main way in and out of Lincoln and is a main problem for traffic. ...read more.


I decided on these locations as Tritton road is a main area for retail and industrial shopping Lincoln and is a fairly new attraction therefore should be high in environmental quality, however the main road does run right through the centre of it. I chose outside the Watergate as it runs right through the central pedestrianised area of the CBD and is on the main shopping street in Lincoln. Many people who come to Lincoln will go here and so the quality should be maintained. I chose this day of the week as it was midweek and not a weekend when results could be affected by lots of people coming into Lincoln to shop, I chose this time of day as it wasn't going to be affected by rush points in the day and traffic. To avoid bias in my results I stayed at each location for the same amount of time and tried to analyze the environmental quality on the same scale. I did not look at one and then use that to compare the environmental quality to the other. This data collection provided me with my opinions. I obtained my secondary data from the internet. This data will help me to compare other times and areas with the results of my survey and with what I saw. ...read more.

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