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What is the issue with energy in the UK?

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________________ ________________ What is the issue with energy in the UK? ________________ In the UK and in the rest of the MEDC (More Economical Developed Countries),use enormous amounts of energy that we need for our every day lives. We use a lot of electricity to light up our homes, heat our homes and cook foods. Our entire transportation system is heavily reliant on oil. Figure 1 Energy use has increased significaly since the start of the industrial revolution. This die to increase in the human population, increased production of consumer goods and increasing use of intensive such as washing machines, televisions and cars. Figure 2 The planet is running out on fossil fuels. Due to the fact most countries depend on There is a huge demand for energy worldwide (Fig 2) because countries are using it too quickly. ________________ How can families be more energy efficient in their transport choices? ________________ ________________ Walking and Cycling ________________ Half of all UK car journeys are for fewer than five miles. ...read more.


Figure 3 ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Hybrid and electric cars ________________ Families could upgrade their old family car they might consider getting a hybrid (Fig 4) or electric cars.(Fig 5) Buying an electric car reduces green house gases which is a major step into improving the environment. The down side to electric car is that, the can not go more than 120 miles before the car runs out of power and takes over 12 hours to charge. Hybrid cars include two engines ? one electric and one fuel powered, and this is how they minimize the fuel consumption in drastic levels. In addition they also include a special system which stores more energy in a battery included in the vehicle Figure 4 Hybrid car Figure 5 Electric car How can Families be more energy efficient at home? ________________ How can families be more energy efficient in their life style choices? ________________ Beddington Zero Energy Development(Fig 6)(Fig7) (BedZED) is an environmentally friendly housing development in Hackbridge, London. ...read more.


Local and national government Nationally and local governments are offering grants for people so that they can make energy saving improvements. National government wants to cut down on the amount CO2 UK produces. Farmers-local shops Farmers would like people to buy local produce because they would get more business. Environmental campaigners They want things by the government to be done quicker to save the planet. They worry that future generations wouldn?t have any resources if the continues to use all the fossil fuels. Some environmentalist don?t like renewable energy like wind farms because they ruin the countryside landscape. Conclusion ________________ Family should use renewable energy to generate energy. For transport choice families should use public transport or cycling. By buying local produced food it reduce the use of fossil fuels. I thin that their sustainable because renewable wouldn?t run out depending on the area, it will be able to serve future generations .Families in the UK can be become more energy efficient in the future by using new technology, using technology could make vehicles that use fossil fuels do you less of it. Families in he UK can be come more efficient by using more renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. ...read more.

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