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What Location Would be most suitable for the new business?

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What Location Would be most suitable for the new business? 1.1 I have chosen a suitable area for Julie and Steve's business and now I need to choose a location situated in Prettygate. I think the business would be a success if I can get the marketing mix right A.K.A the four P's. The marketing mix is the most valuable asset to a new business because if you choose a successful mix your business is destined for success. The four P's are -Place -Price -Product -Promotion 1.2 I think the location is one of the most important factors if not the most important. location is so important because you need people to acknowledge your business is there to get sales and if your business's location is one where a lot of traffic passes through more people will see it and possibly make a purchase. 2.0 I have chosen three sites from the Prettygate area that I see as good possible buys for Julie and Steve. -Charity shop -The co-op -Chinese restaurant These are all good areas, which have a lot of passing traffic that could end up to be potential customers. ...read more.


I think this property would be great for a big business unlike Julie's. So therefore I don't think it is practical as there is so much space that means it would probably cost a lot more capital then is available. 2.3 Chinese restaurant I put on the short list because I think what it's being used for at the moment is very similar for what Julie would be using it for which could save time/money. It has good visibility and has a lot of passing traffic from the other various shops near by and also the car park and pub would generate traffic. This is positioned well for a take-away because for e.g. people can go to the pub and then grab some food. The cost would be moderately low as there isn't that much space compared to the co-op that also means it's a lot more practical. I think this maybe one of the leading contenders for Julie and Steve. 3.0 I am recommending the charity shop for several reasons. I think it is very practical as the rent isn't that much as it isn't that big. ...read more.


I think this because according to the house prices in the local area suggest that the people that inhabit Prettygate are not poor and seem to have a good amount of capital. This could benefit us because it means that they probably work for a living and every night they come back from a hard days work and want some quick quality food without any hassle. We could target these people from local advertising in the papers. If we could get some regular customers the business is bound to be a success. 4.2 The competition in Prettygate doesn't seem to be that great. There is only a Pub and a Chinese take-away. The Pub wouldn't be a problem because they target a different type of customers who want to actually sit down and eat. The Chinese restaurant is a threat as they offer takeaways foods as well. They offer a different type off food though and we offer door-to-door delivery, which might be the overcoming factor. 4.3 I don't think that opening this shop in the proposed position would increase traffic or pollution of any kind by a huge amount because the business simply isn't big enough to justify this. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Kratke BUSINESS STUDIES ...read more.

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