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What new developments have already taken place?

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The two roads which I am focusing on in Yeovil are Sherborne Road and the Old Station Road. Sherborne Road is the main road to enter Yeovil from Sherborne. The road is located in the inner city of Yeovil and therefore contains terraced house with on street parking and small front and back gardens. The lower end of the road is located in the C.B.D and is the main road for entering the town centre. The shops located on this road are mainly specialist shops such as little sign shop, Miss Mays (adult shop), Cantana Music and Polish delicatessen. The road is heavily congested and therefore it implies a one way system to reduce the amount of traffic. The buildings on the road are all terraced; the shops are downstairs with the flats upstairs. The style of the buildings is old and is need of redevelopment. There is also little very little parking as the place is very cramped. There is also very little lighting in the area and this combined with the cramped area and the anti-social behavior make the area intimidating. ...read more.


Nobody wants to invest in the area due to the problems. First of all the area is not inviting , then there is no parking spaces for the customers, people are scared because of the amount of anti-social behavior in the area. If the investor is willing to take these risks, he then has redevelopment the shops as they need re painting and stripping from the inside. This means that the local community is losing money due to no new businesses wanting to open in the area also if tourist do visit the area they would not want to return to Yeovil for future holidays due to the low amount of social activities in the area. Also there are problems with the Old Factory. First of all the social problems, people wanting to visit the area would be put off because of the abandoned building. This also a economical problem as the area is losing money. The other problem is environmental. There is a very bad smell of what I think are dead rats decomposing. ...read more.


The economical being that the businesses in the area are losing money due to this problem and the social being that people feel intimidated in the area at night. The traffic brings a negative economic and environmental impact as people don't want to visit the area due to the congestion also because of the pollution. The poor shops and services are also a economical problem as the services are losing money whereas the right service could be bring a lot of wealth to the area. The lack is not a big problem as there is the Aldi car park and if needed the Yeo Leisure Park car park. The Old Factory is a big problem for the area. The economic side of it is that the area is having a negative effect as it deters people away from the Yeo Leisure Park. The environmental side is the dead rats which give the place a very nasty smell which also goes back to the economical problem leading people away from the area. So to conclude the two area need redevelopment due to their negative economic effect. ?? ?? ?? ?? What are the problems in the lower end of Yeovil? Zain Tahir ...read more.

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