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what the residents want at birling gap Why residents want sea defences at Birling Gap. What they want and how it will work

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What The Residents Want At Birling Gap 1 Why residents what sea defences at Birling Gap 2 What they want and how it will work The residents are having a problem at Birling gap. The cliff has retreated a lot since 1926 and the cliffs are slowly retreating back and the cliff is moving closer and closer to the houses. The residents are demanding sea defences because if they don't they will eventually lose their houses. The cliffs as they're eroding away due to the waves. There is nothing reducing the impact of the waves and it is hitting against the cliffs. Why was the boulder barrier proposal unsuccessful? The boulder revetment proposal was unsuccessful because sea defences cost a lot of money and there is not that many residents living there. ...read more.


It would also cover the lower part of the geological exposure and reduce the natural supply of flint to the beach. It would affect the use of the beach and safe access along it. Why boulder revetment? They want a boulder revetment as their coastal defence because: 1 It's cheaper than most sea defences such as sea wall. 2 It's a narrow beach and a boulder revetment would be suitable. 3 It will protect the base of the cliff and stop the cliff retreating Here is the exact price of the properties: Managed Retreat Loss of properties - 358,507 Loss of car park - 3,145 Relocation of steps - 15,109 Relocation of safety boathouse - 2,453 Total - 379,214 Cliff Stabilisation Construction of coast Protection works - 340,000 Loss of property (1 Crangon Cottages) ...read more.


There was no sea defences situated at Birling Gap and not much evidence of human activity except from a farm and a cafe. The cliff was made up of chalk and coombe deposit. Why we went to Birling Gap We went to Birling Gap in order to complete part 2 of our investigation. Part 2 of our investigation was looking at coastal erosion. We went to Birling Gap because there is evidence of coastal erosion happening there. We needed to look at the wave cut platform, wave cut notch and retreat. All these processes happen at Birling Gap therefore was suitable place to go and do our case study there. Birling gap is known for its headlands and bays called the seven sisters. The seven sisters were formed by erosion from the waves. ...read more.

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