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Where is Bluewater Park and why is it there?

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Bluewater Park Case Study Where is Bluewater Park and why is it there? Bluewater Park is a shopping centre containing about 360 shops which is built in a 50 meter high disused chalk quarry located Greenhithe in the borough of Dartford. The location of Bluewater provides an easy access route, as it is just a mile away from M25 junction 2, between Dartford and Gravesend on the A2 London to Canterbury road near Bean Interchange. Travellers from the south can get to Bluewater using the A2 or from the north using the new South Thames Development Route or STDR. It will also Bluwater is approximately 4 kilometres from the planned Ebbsfleet station on the new high-speed rail link between the Cannel Tunnel and London. The location of Bluewater Park gives a large catchment area as possible. It attracts 10 million shoppers within 1-hour drive and 3.8 million people within a 35-minute drive. Bluewater Park also opened up lots of jobs for unemployed people in the local towns. What is Bluewater Park like and how does it compare with local High Streets? ...read more.


There are around thirteen thousand car-parking spaces in Bluewater where the parking is free because the land is cheaper outside in the countryside than in the towns. The local train station is in Greenhithe, which is a five-minute journey to Bluewater by shuttle bus. What is Gravesend Town Centre like, and how does it compare with Bluewater Park? The two pie charts below show what different types of shops there are. There are more cloths shops in Bluewater compared to Gravesend. There are more general stores and financial offices in Gravesend, which show that the people would use Gravesend for getting small particular items generally for the home. There are more shops in Bluewater than Gravesend so you are bound to find a particular item in Bluewater. When at Gravesend and Bluewater I also carried out a bipolar study. The scale was 1 to 7, for example 1 being very Ugly and 7 being very Attractive. The results are as follows. Gravesend Bluewater Ugly - Attractive 3 6 Dirty - Clean 3 6 Noisy - Quiet 5 5 Run down - Maintained 2 6 Old - Poor 1 7 Poor - Good 4 7 Total out ...read more.


The cost of renting shops units may increase as well which may lead to some small shops shutting down as they can not pay the rent and also bring more big chain shops into the area. The traffic will also be affected as more people use the motorways to get to Bluewater. This may mean that roads may have to be made wider to handle the traffic more efficiently. The choice of shopping centres will change as well as people will prefer to got to Bluewater because of the large number of shops and well maintained facility. Has Bluewater Park contributed to the economic regeneration of the East Thames Corridor? Since the opening Bluewater Park, more visitors have come to the East Thames Corridor. It has also brought more trade and wealth into Kent. Local Shopping Centres have not lost much trade. Bluewater will also be beneficial, as it is a possible link to Europe through the new high-speed rail link between the Cannel Tunnel and London, which stops at planned Ebbsfleet station being near the shopping complex. The negative impacts are cancelled out by the large amount of positive points making Bluewater a beneficial and positive impact on the East Thames Corridor. Alexandra Logan 10S ...read more.

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