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Where is Coleraine's Central Business District and where is its Transition zone?

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Summarise of my findings- Objective 1- Where is Coleraine's Central Business District and where is its Transition zone? I conclude that Coleraine's CBD is in and around the Diamond on Streets such as Bridge Street, Queens Street, Abbey Street, Church Street and New Row, Because I have observed that there are typical buildings for a CBD around this area e.g. Comparison shops, services etc.I conclude that Coleraine's Transition zone is in areas and streets such as Bushmills Road, Circular Road, Union Street and Long Commons etc, Because I have observed that there are typical buildings for the Transition zone around this area e.g. Small terrace housing. ...read more.


I think that this is an accurate finding as, the theory that the CBD has a large sphere of influence has obviously been shown in Coleraine i.e.- lots of people will come to this particular place to shop therefore the pedestrians come from other towns to perhaps compare goods or price or plainly window shop and this is as I can see from the results which I have taken. Objective 3- What is the most common function in the Coleraine CBD? I conclude that Comparison shops dominate Coleraine's CBD. I therefore conclude that The comparison shops may be in this area due to the Bid rent theory, which is as a central site it will be desirable so that shop owners will be able to attract the largest possible number of customers and therefore make large profits, it will also be easily accessible for public. ...read more.


Objective 4 - which functions dominate Coleraine's Transition zone? I conclude that housing dominates Coleraine's Transition zone. Coleraine's transition zone is dominated by residential housing. This is because the bid-rent value in this area is not as high as in the CBD so therefore it is affordable. , A lot of buildings in this area are run down although a lot have been renovated and redeveloped. Fig.19- A picture that shows run down transition housing I think that this is an inaccurate finding because from my Burgess model Fig.8, that factories/industry should dominate this area. I have found factories such as the old shirt and collar factory here but I no that it does not dominate this area. Therefore my findings do not agree with the theories. Page-30 ...read more.

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