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Where is the CBD in Guildford?

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Ng Yik-Hoi (Jason) Where is the CBD in Guildford? Year of submission: 2001 This investigation is submitted as part of the SEG (Course B) GCSE in Geography at King Edward School Witley Introduction Aims and Intentions of the study Aims and intentions of the study the most common land-use in Guildford is, we can do a land-use map (i.e. going into Guildford and recording a land-use classification on a goad map) this will also show any grouping of a particular activity. The building height will also be recorded; us vertical zonings are good indications of the CBD. This is because there is a lot of competition over very little small land-use area in the CBD, which makes it expensive. The reason why competition is greatest in the CBD is because of its accessibility, as most roads and transport tend to focus in the CBD, bringing in people from the entire outer zone. To find out where the centre of the CBD is, we can also use our land-use map. The centre of the CBD is expect to be mostly commercial (i.e. shops and offices) because the bid rent will be highest due to competition and therefore only the very competitive bidders who can afford the high rents can locate there. We can also do a pedestrian count; this will give us an idea of where the busiest part of Guildford is. If we find out what some of the rateable values of Guildford's shops are, we would be able to see weather the land is expensive where pedestrian flow is highest. But it is not accurate to compare the rateable values with our other data because shops vary in sizes. We can't expect to find shops with the highest rateable values in without a group without one or two shops that have relatively low rateable values compared to the others. This is because the rateable values depend not only on the location but also the size of the shop itself (i.e. ...read more.


area, this will also help us decide where the boundary between the commercial and residential will lie if there should be one. Data presentation The spearman's Rank Correlation coefficient gives strength of the relationship. To calculate the value of the spearman's Rank correlation coefficient. My table tells you how to work out the Rs. Location Pedestrian Flow Rank of PF RV/FF Rank of RV/FF Diff in Ranks D2 8 Leapale Road 8 27 183 21 6 36 26 Chertsey Street 33 16 207 19 3 9 36 Chapel Street 44 14 236 17 3 9 12 Haydon Place 38 15 312 16 1 1 12 Tunsgate 98 12 814 9 3 9 1C Sydenham Road 11 25 193 20 5 25 35 North Street 227 5 487 12 7 49 19 North Square 300 2 1267 3 1 1 20 London Road 19 22 354 15 7 49 10 North Street 104 11 982 7 4 16 162 High Street 140 8 1100 5 3 9 5 Mill Lane 27 18 411 14 4 14 14 Friary Street 80 13 569 11 2 4 85 Woodbridge Road 11 24 170 22 2 4 15 Epsom Road 26 19 90 26 7 49 5 Market Street 152 7 1231 4 3 9 150 High Street 158 6 1321 2 4 16 61 High Street 240 4 1500 1 3 9 5 Quarry Street 17 23 122 24 1 1 7 North Square 316 1 876 8 7 49 2 Epsom Road 30 17 102 25 8 64 10 Woodbridge Road 10 26 68 27 1 1 220 High Street 106 10 650 10 0 0 3 Castle Square 20 21 221 18 3 9 2 Friary Street 290 3 434 13 10 100 28 Commercial Road 25 20 129 23 3 9 215 High Street 120 9 1006 6 3 9 Analysis Guildford, I can see more clearly how the shops and services spread across the town centre. ...read more.


but I'm not going to use exactly the same method as some say it should be 40% whiles others argue that it should be 15 %. Even town or cities are very different therefore I felt that I should delimit the CBD of Guildford logically by look at my primary data. Land-use models The following are exiting land-use models. I'm going to explain each of them and different ideas behind them. All towns and cities are different, Guildford is a unique town and it's land-values and land -use are both definitely different to any other in the world because the layout of them can only be similar but never the same. Geographers have realised the similarities between the structure of towns and cities, therefore they have developed a number of simple models to describe the pattern they're found. 1. Burgess Burgess, who studied Chicago and produced this simple diagram, developed this particular model. It was found that the city was made up of a series of concentric rings or zone s around the city centre. The model suggests that buildings are older towards the centre and the width of the zones suggested the density of the buildings. This diagram mainly suggest that the city has grown outwards equally in all directions. 2. Hoyt This is a sector model shows the development of zones along major transport routes or physical features such as rivers. Unlike Burgess, this model shows that particular types of land-use could be found in different zones, the layout is not as uniform as Burgess because it is trying to show that certain kinds of activities are more developed than others, and that a particular type of land use tends to focus in one area and repel dissimilar ones. (E.g. the location of factories could've been influenced by major transport route or canal and in this area, we'd expect to find a low level of residential building due to the noise and pollution which are generated - even if we do find any, it would be class residential. ...read more.

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