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Why is Ecotourism a good way to use the rainforest?

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Why is Ecotourism a good way to use the rainforest? The tropical rainforest in Brazil is being cut down very fast for a number of reasons. The correct word for this is deforestation. It is estimated that 7.5 million hectares of rainforest are being cut down each year - that is the same as 20 football pitches every minute. When trees are cut down, approximately 28 other trees are damaged which come down with it, leaving an empty space in the rainforest. However, there is an area of rainforest the size of Western Europe remaining in South America. Firstly tropical rainforest is being cut down because of logging, especially in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. It is being cut down for timber, which is used to make furniture and paper, so they select an area of the forest that contains the trees they need and clear most of it away. However, mainly hardwoods such as mahogany, is obtained by logging companies and as hardwood is a valuable source of income for Brazil, little attempts has been made to replant deforested areas. Hardwood trees take many years to grow back so can be difficult to replace. Many people up to half a million people are forced out of their tribe or village so that they can clear the area. Secondly, rainforests are being cut down because of deforestation. This is when you clear land for, farming, building and for wood to use as a fuel or building material. ...read more.


Over 48 native fruits in the Amazon have been identified with the potential for sale on the international market. In addition, many native tribes in the Amazon collect Brazil nuts as their main source of income. If the rainforest is used in an unsustainable way, many animals will die which may lead to a food chain problem e.g. if small insects or plants die, then birds and other animals which feed on them will not have anything to eat. This will result in a decreasing amount of birds and other species, or they may even be extinct in the following years. The food chain will slowly disappear, meaning tribal people and others who live in the tropical rainforests will have nothing to hunt for, forcing them out of the rainforest and migrating. Ecotourism is another sustainable way to make money from the rainforest, but any tourist destination can be harmed by a large amount of amounts of tourism. There are many reasons why it is a sustainable way to make money for the country. Firstly it helps because; local people can make money by allowing tourists to observe the natural beauty, see rare animals and plants, appreciate traditional cultures and to see their native habitat, whilst at the same time protecting the natural environment and minimising damage to the land and local people. Secondly it is good because when tourists come, they do not have hotels with air conditioning and buses to travel to different places. ...read more.


But all of this could result in tourists offending the way local people live because they do not have ovens, cookers, stoves or fridges. So local people have their own way which is not at standard tourists expected e.g. hygiene. Ecotourism is not only important for Brazil. It is important for people all around the world. Ecotourism can benefit the global community, for example, ecotourism can help to prevent global warming by not building hotels in the middle of forests. When trees are left behind they help absorb an important gas called carbon dioxide which helps to prevent global warming / maintain global climate as it is. This helps global warming because if there is too much carbon dioxide stored in the vegetation, it would release back into the atmosphere, increasing the warming effect. Ecotourism can also benefit the global community because 75% of the world medicine comes from the rainforest. It does not harm the rainforest because people are making money out of natural resources which are found only in rainforests. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eighty percent of the world's population use plants to treat. Natural extracts from the Pacific Yew in the rainforests of North America, for example, have proven effective against cancer. The rainforest is slowly being destroyed and there will soon be a shortage in medicine and cures as medicine trees and plants are being cut down. This will eventually lead to more people becoming ill and dieing because there is a lack of medicine . ...read more.

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