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Windsor is a major sight seeing area.

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WINDSOR Windsor is a major sight seeing area. Windsor is a very is a very successful tourist centre. It has a variety of historic and modern interests e.g. Lego Land, Windsor Castle. A tourist is a person who visits places out of interest; they will usually stay at least one night. (Extract from Collins dictionary). There is a growing conflict between the residents of Windsor and the increasing amount of tourists visiting. Population density is increasing resulting in rise in pollution, crowded buses and increase in prices that will affect locals which will annoy them. Even though the locals resent the tourists being there they contribute in a huge way .e.g. income, good reputation and tourists recommending holiday destination to friends. Tourists also create a huge need for jobs and offering vacancies for lots of people. Our journey to Windsor is west from QPCS. Windsor is 18 miles away and takes 55 mins approximately. As we went Windsor we went through A406, A40, and A412 and then lastly went through the M4. ...read more.


There were lots of restaurants and cafes around for tourists to chill out. When we first arrived in Windsor, our tour guide ms.Doona (teacher) took us on a tour around Windsor and showed us old pubs which had been kept to look historical. In my were, Kerron, Ashton, Lee, we walked down to Peasecod street and near the river to interview randomly selected individuals to answer our surveys. We used the approach and politely interviewed people which gave us 100 percent feedback and success, we were able to obtain information easily and quickly. We rejected other methods, why, because it was the easiest, and most efficient. We never actually encountered any major problems apart from some individuals rejecting our survey. It is better to have a range of opinions so you can get a more balanced and reliable result. After we completed our interviewing, Kerron, Lee, Ashton and myself went to MC DONALDS and had lunch, after that we were told that we meet back at Windsor castle. ...read more.


Some residents do avoid areas where tourists are found, as my survey proves, especially in Thames. Tourists invade the privacy of locals by asking directions. These problems are avoided by Windsor putting up more sign posts, so tourist and residents don't interact with each other. EVALUATION I reckon I could have made my project better by adding more picture and postcards, I could have produced it quicker if there weren't problems due to my printer. If I could do it again, I would improve my introduction and add much more detail to my methodology. I would have also included more graphs and more bar charts which would have made my survey much more reliable. I also would have made a stricter time table for myself and try to meet deadlines quicker, and followed my teacher instructions and followed the good advice Ms Doona gave us. I should also have used the internet to my advantage and write more about the advantage card and got more maps. I think that there was some good points in my work such as my introduction and my analysis, I should have overall done most things to a higher standard. ...read more.

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