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With reference to any named rural area, examine the ways in which decision-makers have tried to resolve the conflicts associated with recreation and tourism.

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With reference to any named rural area, examine the ways in which decision-makers have tried to resolve the conflicts associated with recreation and tourism. Claire Hall RPS I plan to examine the ways in which decision-makers have tried to resolve the conflicts associated with recreation and tourism in the Lake District. The Lake District is located in the northwest of England. It is the area's beauty that has led to the area's recent development. The famous Victorian poet, William Wordsworth, first acknowledged the beauty of the Lake District in his poems. This inspired other writers to visit the area. Slowly more and more people were attracted there and by the 19th century it was a very popular destination. The invention of motorcars made it easy to travel there and when the M6 was built in the 1960's it made the Lake District easily assessable. Before this, it was very lonely and had very few inhabitants. A lot of towns were created in the Lake District whilst Victoria was in power and most notably Windermere. In 1951 it became a National park and has been open to the public ever since. ...read more.


The friends of the Lake District say that its growth is out of scale with its surroundings. They don't want it too grow anymore. It is inappropriate and is causing huge amounts of traffic congestion. They say that it should relocate as it does nothing for the Lake District. The National Parks have said that they do not want Hayes to shut down but overtime tourists won't want to visit The Lake District for the original attraction (beautiful scenery) but for the artificial attractions. Hayes garden world knows what its doing but argue against them saying that it is good as they are bringing in more tourists which is what makes The Lake District. It is also spreading tourism out over a bigger area that means it should reduce congestion in other places. Ambleside was once a quiet, peaceful village but now has huge traffic problems. Ambleside used to only have really busy days on weekends but now it is constantly thriving. A campaign for a by-pass in Ambleside has running for the last 30years and is believed by many that this is the answer to their problems. ...read more.


The most likely improvement to traffic problems is increasing public transport. By doing this people hope that the congestion in busy tourist areas will be cut down. Residence believe that this is unlikely as people wouldn't bother using it and it would be no help to lazy tourists who would find it so much easier to just drive in. Another big possibility is too use more boats which would cut down the amount of traffic on roads but that would only improve congestion by the lakes and not in big built of areas. I see the future of the Lake District as seeing more tourists. It is a beautiful area and people still chose to visit there whatever. The main problem that I have noticed occurring in the lakes is traffic. This can either be improved by introducing new traffic calming methods or increased if things carry on like they are. New developments are already being built on the outside of the Lake District which is spreading tourism about. A new Oasis Park has been built which is already seeing an increased number of tourists. Whatever happens, conflict in the Lake District will always occur between those who support the tourist industry and those that don't. ...read more.

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