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Work Experience Diary - counting traffic.

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Work Experience Diary Day 1: Monday 7th October As my alarm went off at 8 O'clock in the morning, I got out my bed looking forward to the day ahead. I seized my towel and went into the bathroom, brush my teeth and had a bath. I then put on my clothes and went downstairs. I saw my mum and she said to me "have something to eat before you go". So I had a bowel of cereal and left. I caught the 179 bus to Gants Hill and took the central line train to Chancery Lane. When I got out of the station, I walked for about 2 minutes then I saw Roshan walk out of McDonalds and we started talking about the day ahead. When we got to a building next to the HSBC bank at ten to ten in the morning, we took the lift to the third floor. We got out the lift and then went to the reception to ask if someone could come and collect us. A man called Simon came to collect us and he took us to their office. When we got there they told us where the kitchen, fire exits and fire extinguishes were. Then he introduced all the other workers. Then we went downstairs so he could show us the meeting point in case there was a fire. When we got back upstairs, we were showed how to identify traffic. ...read more.


I had to ask three questions to pedestrians and one question to cyclists. At two thirty, I had my lunch for an hour and a half. After lunch I was back to doing my survey. At 7 O'clock, I stopped doing the survey and went back to the place we were sorted, which was in the car park. We then packed up some equipment then Kiran called her sister, Roshan and me to get in the car because we were going home. First Kiran dropped Roshan off home, then she too me home. I got home that day at eight thirty. Day 5: Friday 11th October No Work Day 6: Monday 14th October When I got to work today, I arrived at 10 O'clock. Today I had to count traffic again by using the super video player. I found it a lot easier today because I was getting used to it. I finished two tapes by 12 O'clock, and then I went for my lunch. I went to a sandwich shop called PR�T A MANGER. I bought a sandwich and a drink. It was very expensive there and the whole thing cost me �3.70. After my lunch, I went to Dixons and WHSmaiths to look and some Playstation 2 games. At five to one, I made my way back to the office. When I got there, I continued the job I was doing. At 3 O'clock, my mother phoned the office. At this time, I had finished counting traffic on another video cassette. ...read more.


I inputted some data and printed it out. I saved the work then filed it. Mike gave me some stickers today to put on video covers. He also gave me a big folder to fill in with the stuff the Roshan photocopied. I had to take the trolley down downstairs and unload a car then put that stuff onto the trolley, then take it back upstairs to unload. That took me about 10 minutes. I also sold my CD today to a girl that works there. Today was basically photocopying and printing work that I did for my reference. I also had to fill in my work experience book by getting help from others and drawing diagrams. Clive had to draw a management structure in my book because that is what one of the questions were in it. At twelve thirty, Roshan and I went to Sainsbury's to get something to eat. I bought some crisps and a drink. I also bought a sandwich from Benjys. We both took our food to the office and ate peacefully. I then did about three hours of video work that needed finishing. I finished it then inputted the data, printed it and filed it. At 5 O'clock, Clive called Roshan and me to tell us about our behaviour over the two weeks. We both got very good reports. He filled in my book with all good comments then he said if we wanted a job here to call them up. Then we greeted everyone, said goodbye and went home. English Homework Kassum Hussain 11YB 1 ...read more.

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