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World Issues I.S.U: El Nino

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World Issues I.S.U: El Nino Introduction El Nino has been a reoccurring phenomenon for centuries. Man has only started to realize how much of the worlds weather is effected by it. In the late 1990's catastrophic droughts, floods, fires, and famines became synonymous with the term El Nino. But El Nino was stretching its imprint on the world in a myriad ways, long before it made the headline news. From the sinking of the Titanic to the Irish Potato famine, from the outbreak of the war of independence in Mexico to the collapse of Hitler's Russian campaign, El Nino has shaped the world and will continue to do so. El Nino has been a reoccurring phenomenon for centuries, and currently plays a major role in global warming. The phenomenon does not bring just the negative aspects that scientists and the weather personnel's are so quick to point out. El Nino has some positive aspects to it; that takes a deeper look into the phenomenon to be realized. El Nino's global effects are not just confined to changes in the temperature of the world but it also affects the biological ecosystem, the economy of countries world wide, and creates an imbalance in nature. What is an El Nino? ...read more.


The biggest ecological effect of an El Nino is the collapse of the nutrient supply off the coast of Peru. "In 1970, the coastal strip along Peru and Ecuador supplied half of the world's landing of all fish, by weight. This was the world's largest fishery, and was dominated by the anchovy in astonishing numbers (Rita Thiveon Mullin, 1999)". This loss of fish is not only a local but a global issue as well. With the loss of these species there is a significant damage to the medical field where some are used for medical purposes. For example Cod is used to provide vitamins and proteins to the human body. The warm water allows unusual species to migrate and therefore you man find many species in certain areas where they were no existent before. The Ripple Effects in terms of Economy Over the years, several NASA missions have studied the effects associated with El Nino. Initial efforts at mapping sea surface temperatures and cloud cover were conducted using two different satellites in 1978. These satellites greatly increased the amount of readily available information. Since that time there have been many improvements made. The number of channels was increased from four to five. These channels allow the instruments to view in different parts of the electromagnetic visible and infrared spectrum. ...read more.


them, well at least not all of it so they are running a loss in income and sometimes even loose their lives. "If recent El Nino's are anything to go by, the great human tragedies and the social unrest that have occurred repeatedly through out El Ninos are set to continue. The most recent El Nino in 1997-98 caused havoc world wide. It caused 33 billion worth of damage some renewable some that are now extinct, like the nutrients off the coast of Peru. The world is still recovering from this blow. In some countries like India and Australia lives were lost in the thousands due to flash flood and bush fires. The ripple effects are still being felt around the world in geographical as well as human terms. Tropical countries have the most to gain from El Nino prediction but other non-tropical countries such as Japan and the United States require a more accurate prediction of El Nino. However some questions still boggle the minds of scientists like the global warming that's taking place now, a good example would be the winter in Canada this year. Other questions about the sea level still boggle the minds of scientists and no one knows just how soon a definite answer will be achieved to pin point El Nino and its causes and a solution to stop it from occurring. ...read more.

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