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“Children cant be disciples so how can they be Christians“.

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"Children cant be disciples so how can they be Christians " A disciple is someone who follows and believes in Jesus very strongly discipleship consists of many things like helping people who are more disadvantaged than you and preaching about the Christian faith in the uk or maybe different places around the world so why cant a child be a Disciple? Many people argue that a child can't commit to a religion, as they might not have a good enough Understanding of Christianity also People argue that children do not have enough responsibility and the concern that Children are still at school and are less able to preach and help other people and this would be a lot ...read more.


they might not be wanting to take there child to church also they might not live close to a church and this very inconvenient to take there child to church every week as they might have any methods of transport if a child cant be a disciple and follow Jesus how can he or she be a Christian a Christian is someone who believes very strongly about Jesus and follows the religion and Jesus .but in some respects this statement is not true as its not about going to church and reaching and helping people all the time children are only children as long as they have FAITH they are very good Christians also Jesus lets anyone follow him ...read more.


I would say that the strongest argument about this statement is that it is true Children cant be disciples so how can they be Christians " Even if you have faith in the religion how can you not follow Jesus who is the main part in Christianity? Children maybe are growing up quickly but I don't think they would relies all the consequences of becoming a disciple. Also if a child is brought up in a non Christian environment it will be very hard for the child as his or her family will maybe organizing other things and a child will not be able to preach around the world a child is a young person and maybe will miss there family even if they did go away Leeann ao3 draft ...read more.

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