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'A Comparison of two poems about school'.

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'A Comparison of two poems about school' I am going to compare two poems, which portray different aspects of school life for children. The first poem that I will be analysing is "Leaving School", written by 'Hugo Williams', this is basically about a child's experience of starting school. The poem that I will compare to this is "Dear Mr Lee", written by 'U.A. Fanthorpe", this poem is about the emotions of a pupil towards 'Mr Lee' (a writer). In order to identify various areas I shall be looking at content, style, language, theme and tone. The content of "Leaving school" describes a brief summary of what starting boarding school is going to be like, also the poem starts with a lot of description "I was eight... wearing a grey flannel suit" this successfully sets the scene and gives the readers and indication of the child's age. The child has a lot of expectations of starting school such as "I thought it was going to be fun", the child expects the school to be 'fun' his brings back any memories he had of school when he was younger. ...read more.


"Liked all the waiting we had to do in school", this quote shows confusion that the child seems to have. The poem has run on lines which indicate the child's lack of sophistication in the style of writing as suppose to an adult, E.g. "You're supposed to take off you shirt and vest after you've put on you pyjama bottoms". In comparison the style of "Dear Mr Lee" is written in a form of a letter. Throughout the poem there are three main characters these are the pupil, teacher and examiner. The pupil conveys different aspects of school life to the writer 'Laurie Lee'. The teacher gives a negative response to the child, and the examiner gives instructions to write exams and essays. The poem has a lack of grammar and punctuation. There is evidence by this as for there is only two full stops in the poem which shows he child's ability towards language. Here are italics used in the poem to show different voices of characters speaking. The style of the sentences are irregular there are some short, some long. This makes the poem hurried as if the pupil wants to give his message to Laurie Lee it also shows excitement, "Bur that's how I think of you, having lived with you. ...read more.


The relationships between the pupil and his teacher is not very positive, the way in which the pupil describes the teacher the audiences gets an impression that the teacher and pupil do not get along this is also to do with the fact to the boy not liking English "Used to hate English" and the way the teacher teaches. Also telling younger public that studying literature can spoil the enjoyment of life on how things are negatively guided. In termination the theme of "Leaving school is more about the boy's point of view where as "Dear Mr Lee" is more up front with the audience giving personal advice and complaints. Response By analysing both poems I have learned about children's different experiences at school. I have realised that it can be difficult growing up and discovering new materials and subjects. I feel that you have you good days and bad days also have pupils have their favourite subjects and their boring subjects. Children have to learn to solve problems rather then giving up having to accept failure because the world goes on and we have to move on there is no time to waist!! Zara Baig 11/9 12th October 2002 ...read more.

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