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A friend discovers to her horror that she is pregnant. What advice would you give her?

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A friend discovers to her horror that she is pregnant. What advice would you give her? I believe that she should go through with the pregnancy and have the child. The problems here arise with her life before becoming pregnant and how it will be drastically affected. If the girl has her child then time management will be harsh and strict and that's without considering her education or social life therefore the amount of stress would be immense and so she will need to give up many hours of sleep. If she were to abort the unborn child, physical and mental risks are at hand also. Either was she will need to carry the baby for a length of time which can cause embarrassment if her "size" has increased noticeably. She will also be under pressure from family, friends and maybe the father, all of who would be proposing their thoughts and views of the situation onto her. ...read more.


Her school life will be affected by absence and morning sickness and therefore time must be allocated to catch up before or after the pregnancy is she is to keep up. Her social life will diminish, as the range of activities that she can perform will shorten. She must realise the amount of care and love that comes with a child and be prepared to give it her full strength. Babies are also very expensive and while the government does help with teenage pregnancies financially extra support would be advisable. There is a rewarding aspect to keeping the child and that is the love that bonds the mother and child. This love is very special and makes all the extra responsibilities worth it. I suppose there is also a feeling of achievement when you think of the fact that she brought life into this world. ...read more.


There is chance, even if very little that harm could come to the pregnant woman during abortion as from a survey for the 1990's it was said that only one woman died from a legal abortion yet, in 1995 alone, 50 women died due to birth complications. There is help for girls who choose abortion with organisations directed at such cases. Abortions could be more convenient for a person with a busy lifestyle and really have no times to deal with a newborn. Abortion is the terminating of an unborn child's life! I would most certainly classify this as murder and though I recognise the advantages of bypassing the responsibilities of a child, I would choose life over convenience and would view the choice of abortion as morally wrong. If my friend found out to her horror that she was pregnant I would explain to her the choices, sympathise with her and do my best to understand her position. Forcing any opinion on her or the father would be unfair. ...read more.

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