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A Response to 21st Century Slaves

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Jennifer M. Wareham Dr. Montoya Psych 2301 1:40-2:55 ID 0187576 A Response to 21st Century Slaves "When basic education becomes accessible, relevant, and free, parents will understand that the education of their children is the best investment"."-Guido Bertolaso, Deputy Executive Director, United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF). While many young kids complain about how many hours they are permitted to spend playing a video game at home, somewhere in the world at that exact moment is a little kid being reprimanded for playing with twigs and dirt; for they are poor children being raised in brothels or sweatshops. If there is a lesson to be learned after reading the article, Cockburn, A. (2002). 21st Century Slaves. National Geographic, Sept., 2-24, it would be to focus on how much we, the fortunate, take life for granted. 21st Century Slaves is yet another controversial movement that stirs up people's emotions to where many create awareness programs in which they start up rescue missionaries or other feats. ...read more.


My feelings toward media censorship and organizations such as FEMA are very strong in so that I resent them for not allowing us to see the full extent of an issue. I strongly feel like they view us as little kids, too fragile to be exposed to what is really going on. There was a recent debate on whether or not media was allowed to show deceased victims of hurricane Katrina to the public which brought a lot of heat into the kitchen. My immediate response was, why censor issues that are happening in our backyard when everyone else in the world gets the full just of it? Allowing us the right, despite our age, to truthfully see how the imperfections of our society do exist should be considered. We need to stop making excuses and pointing fingers for our actions. Some people say that little kids who are exposed to violence are likely to develop a violent nature but I feel that exposing children to world issues, violent or not, could help a child develop awareness in the future. ...read more.


There are several very worthwhile methods that have been proposed to combat child labor, and the most effective solution to the problem is probably a combination of several different techniques. I feel the only way to not really resolve but modernize this issue is to justify it with a couple of revisions because child labor will never cease to exist. A couple of techniques that would need to be incorporated would be the working conditions and privileges of the children. One possible solution that incorporates the two is a child working with food, goods, or other commodities that will eventually be used to the benefit of the needy and are provided with the resources to attain an education in the process. This is not a costly revision and should not hurt a company's revenue. Small revisions as such can be enormously successful. With a combination of education, consumer knowledge, media privileges and creative strategies, child labor, slavery, and other dilemmas can and will be stopped or if not altered into a more comfortable existence. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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