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Action Plan For Research Into The Role Of A Pre-School Teacher.

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Health and social Action plan My plan of action Aims & objectives Where to get the information Primary sources Second sources Organise and go on a placement (nursery) To gain professional experience in a nursery with working with children and adults and gain information to do with the early years sectors I can also talk to the staff, parents and children. / Find other nursery services that there are in the area Compare the differences between the two nurseries, so see whether it is private or public, looking at the service they provide I can go there and observe for myself, or I can get it off the internet, or look in leaflets. / / To create a questionnaire for parents To see if the qualities of the nursery id met up to their expectations By asking the parents / Find out barriers for why parents are prevented to go to the nursery To ensure all clients, they can access the nursery with all ease Look around the nursery, Questionnaire / Look out for the role of a nursery a teacher To find out what skills and qualities are needed for this specific job. Using the internet / / Look at the legislation (the law) that affects the nursery To see if the nursery is putting the law into practice and how this affects the clients Internet and the workers that work there / / Look at the different factors that influence which services are offered in the area To see if the needs of the community are being met (catered for) Internet / / Montessori nursery is a private nursery, which means that parents need to pay for their children to attend the nursery; they get their funding from the money that the parents give them for attending the school. Some parents have fees paid by colleges. Montessori nursery has seven staff in, but on different days or times. ...read more.


Art the Mini VIP?s Nursery they have 1 meal a day, and 2 snacks. They have their breakfast and dinner at home, but if needed the nursery can provide breakfast for the children. Around 10.00am they get given some bread sticks and soft cheese and with a drink of water. In the afternoon at 12.30pm the children have lunch, and they have a meal such as chicken and rice and some peas, with pieces of fruit for dessert, on some other days they have fish fingers and baked beans, the menu varies everyday, but with the necessary nutrients such as: minerals, vitamins, water, protein, carbohydrates, fibre and fat. With their meal they get a choice of if they want milk, water or juice. As children also need fibre and water in their diet in order to gain a balanced diet, for them to gain these they need to eat their fruit and vegetables. Fibres are needed to help them digest their food. They need water because the water helps get rid of toxins in the body, and help control the bodies temperature. Around 2.30pm they get given a piece of fruit this is either a apple, pear, banana or oranges and a cup of milk or diluted fruit juice or water, by giving them fruit this will allow their body to receive vitamin C , which will build up their immune system and can prevent them from getting ill. By them drinking milk their body is getting minerals such as calcium for strong bones and teeth. Warmth The babies and children at the Mini VIP?s depends of warmth and have heating?s so they can control the temperature in the room, so it?s not too hot or too cold if the children are too cold, they won?t be able to concentrate, and because of that they can become annoyed and restless, and even worse they can catch a cold because their immune system isn?t fully developed. ...read more.


they have collected during the day, and make sure they nails are cut down low, because lots of bacteria collects there, and some children have a habit of bit their nails, and they can be consuming lots of filthy bacteria. At the nursery they have their own individual tooth brush which they use after their nap. Cleaning their teeth twice a day and using their own tooth brush is influenced at the Mini VIP?s. The staff at the Mini VIP?s make sure that children always wash their hand with soap, after using the toilet and before every meal, and when coming in from being outside. Deodorant is not to be used in the nursery because of children having asthma. Protection from harm Children will always need protection from dangerous things or people, and if anyone at the nursery suspects anything of the sort the staff will have to ask the child if anything is going on and home, and ask the parent too. At the nursery they have good security because they have two doors before you can enter the nursery. And they make sure the doors are locked so nobody can get in, and a child cannot get out. If you were to see unexplained marks on a child or if the child doesn?t have good personal hygiene or the child says something that doesn?t seem right, you will need to write it down, then go to the line manager, and explain what you have observed or heard which it worrying you, and keep it to yourself. The line manager, if he is not a protection officer, will then go and ring the police or social services or a protection officer what you have just told your line manager. If he is a protection officer then he will go straight to the police. Intellectual needs The intellectual needs of the children provided by the nursery is, language skills, written skills, learning new skills, independence, and effective communication and making use of one?s abilities. ...read more.

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