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Advantages and disadvantages of aromatherapy.

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1. Aromatherapy can help a person physically, mentally and it can help them emotionally. Aromatherapy can help individuals with many conditions such as anxiety, stress or insomnia and even muscular aches and pains. Many individuals said that it can help people relax and get ride of headaches. Many people also have calmed that it helps digestive problems and woman's menstrual or menopausal problems. Many people who suffer from cancer also use aromatherapy to let them feel good and it is something that they can do themselves. It was the natural way to prevent stress, anxiety, depression or even pain. Cancer patients and other patients using aromatherapy also have stated that aromatherapy can help lift your mood and enhance your wellbeing. Some people also claim that aromatherapy can help to boost your immune system, fight off colds and bacterial infections, help with period (menstrual) problems, improve circulation and urine output and relieve headaches and digestion problems although these are not any scientific evidence to prove any of these claims. It heals and uplifts the mind, body, and spirit of patients. ...read more.


Some essential oils should not be used during pregnancy at all and are considered health risk. These oils should not be used during pregnancy. After the first trimester, they may be used and are helpful. Many elderly people also feel that aromatherapy can benefit a person in many ways. 3. There are also many Aromatherapies' oils. In fact there is 400 but the top 8 are; Lavender. Tea tree oil. Chamomile eases tension. Lemon essential oil is stimulating to the mind. Eucalyptus is antiviral. Geranium. Peppermint. Rosemary's scent These are all beneficial to many people and as there is so many different types of aromatherapy so it must benefit individuals in a lot of ways. All of these different oils can also help the patients because if they don't fink one suits them they can use another. 1. There are many side effects to aromatherapy. Side effects vary by the type of essential oil used. Citrus-based essential oils can cause heightened sensitivity to sunlight. Essential oils may also cause contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction characterized by redness and irritation. ...read more.


There are many cheap oils on the market today but they are not as effective as and have low quality. When you are choosing essential oils on the internet or in shop's a person must always be suspicious of the oils and make sure that they always pick the right oils to make sure they are always buying the right products. Although there is less money actually being spread to import essential oils into the United Kingdom the price will continue to rise with the growing population using aromatherapy. 3. It is a natural substance that is not guaranteed to work and as 1 in 10 company's selling aromatherapy have no return policy. This is a major disadvantage as if they don't have a return policy it could mean that they are faulty good's and although not much medicines are guaranteed to work but must do work, aromatherapy is one of the most herbal medicines used and can often be used for any patients needs and prescription given may also be mistaken and the patient may need to take more or less depending on the patients need. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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