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Advertising and Promotion- Lego

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Advertising and Promotion- Lego Lego is a child's plastic construction set for making mechanical models. The name comes from the combination of the Danish "leg godt", which means to "play well." The company believes that play is the essential ingredient in a child's growth and development. It grows the human spirit. It encourages imagination, conceptual thinking and creation. The Lego mission is to nurture the child in each of us, and this means that they actively encourage self-expression through creation, thus enabling children of all ages to bring endless ideas to life. The Lego experience is playing, learning, interacting, exploring, expressing, discovering, creating and imagining - all with a heavy dose of fun. Their real audience is the child in each and every one of us - the child that needs to be nurtured and developed, encouraged and inspired, the child who wants to play and create. Lego offerings create a universal language across age, gender and culture, yet, at the same time, we all have a unique relationship with the brand. ...read more.


brands; *deciding which direct-to-consumer channels they would venture into, and how would they do so without alienating their wholesalers and established retail accounts; *the type of merchandise that would be offered in the respective channels; *determining whether their internal skill set was adequate to meet their objectives; and *whether their organisational structure was optimal for accomplishing their goals However there are many Benefits for Brands Going Retail: 1. Build their brand 2. Build a competitive advantage 3. Create a new distribution channel. Lego also became more competitive via the introduction of a website www.lego.com which offered consumers a virtual community that featured: *the biggest LEGO store in the world; *products they could only find online (e.g., Classics); *products that offered more challenge to the hobbyist; *the ability to interact with LEGO play materials in a manner that was most comfortable for them; *a forum to provide their ideas and obtain input about those ideas from other website consumers; and, *the ability to customize their purchases. In other words, the stated goal of building consumer relationships materialized in many ways beyond commerce. ...read more.


Not only are they targeted at males but there are also kits which are advertised as girls Lego. In fact, there are several Lego product lines designed to appeal specifically to girls including the Belville Enchanted Palace, Lego dolls and Lego Scala. The company has also broadened its horizons While you may be most familiar with Lego's building kits, there are quite a few other products made by the company that would appeal to kids who are Lego fanatics and advanced builders including software, video games, robotics kits, books, board games and more. WORD OF MOUTH When a customer complains about your product, service, guarantee, or Web site, it's not always because the quality was terrible. It may have been because you didn't manage that customer's expectations. This can introduce bad word of mouth and lead to potential customers choosing alternatives. LEGO kits come with a couple extra bricks, customers felt this was something extra, an unexpected bonus. This kept customers satisfied resulting in good word of mouth and increased sales and repeat purchases. Word of mouth relies on exceeded expectations. Manage your customers' expectations. You'll be rewarded with their loyalty and the power of their word. ...read more.

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