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Applying sociology to the family.

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In Britain today they are many different types of families, and these all have different social structures. Even through there are many different variations of these groups, family structures normally come in these groups: - nuclear families, reconstituted families, extended families and a lone parent families. The nuclear family is where "parents and children live in an independent unit separately from other relatives."(Penny Tassoni, et al, 2002). Advantages - family is more likely to be better economically. Closer to family members Parents have more time to spend with their children Disadvantages - if parents spilt up the family will experience considerable disruption They have to plan family centred activities to socialise Only have a small support network The reconstituted family is where "parents with children form previous relationships live together". (Penny Tassoni, et al, 2002). Advantages - good levels of support Child care support More role models Disadvantages - may bring tension for some individuals The extended family is where "parents, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts live together in a supported unit" (Penny Tassoni, et al, 2002). Advantages - a big supported network Disadvantages - limits personal independence of some family members Not a great deal of personal space The lone parent family "a single parent, mother or father, living alone with a child." ...read more.


The child's welfare is seen as the first priority, and the family home is seen as the best place for the child to be unless the child will suffer from harm in the family home. Also the act places a lot of emphasis on working in partnership with parents. Marriages and divorce are changing, we can tell this by statistics that are produced. We know that in 1961 that there was 397,000 total marriages in Britain and in the same year 27,000 divorces, where in 1990 there was 375,000 marriages and 168,000 divorces in the same year. This suggest that their are less marriages even through their is a higher population meaning that there is more likely that in 1990 that more people cohabiting and not having to get married to live together. Even through that marriage rate has gone down by 22,000 since 1961, divorce rate has gone up by 141,000 since 1961, meaning that there is a serious rise in divorce. Divorces did not come accessible to the average couple until the 1949 when the legal aid act was introduced. "in the 1960s the law still obstructed the easy termination of unhappy marriages " (C Townroe, G Yates, 1995). ...read more.


These provide short term accommodation for women and their children who are at risk of violence. The police and judiciary take complaints of domestic violence seriously and even more if there a child at risk of violence and may even use The Family Homes and Domestic Violence Bill 1996 which gives power for violent parents to be exclude from the family home. Family centre are run to teach parenting and relationship skills. the state intervenes when their is suspected or know child abuse, child abuse is put into four groups physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. The state intervenes by monitoring each case by visiting the family home or to have the parents to come to the local social services department on a regular bias. Family centre are where parent can go to have their parenting skills assessed and given help to develop their skills and receive counselling. Referred to specialist agencies to help understand the extent and causes of any abuse. The child may be put on the child protection where social services feel there is need for close scrutiny of a family and a formal record for a child condition. Children at risk of child abuse can be taken in to care, by parents consent or by a care order and the child will be placed in a foster family or in a residential children's home. ...read more.

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