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Argyle's and Tuckman's Theories of Communication.

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´╗┐Glodie Musuele unit 1 p2 Argyles theory Michael argyle was a psychologist born on august 11th 1925. He was one of the best known social psychologist who spent most of his career in the University of Oxford. Later on he gained a first experimental degree in psychology from Cambridge University in 1950 and later became the first lecturer in social psychology at the University of Oxford, also with London school of economics. The communication cycle. The communication cycle is when we understand what is being said, reflect and check out what the person you are communicating with is saying. When communicating to people we have to make sure they understand what we are saying and respond to it accordingly. The communication cycle has 6 steps. Step one- an idea occurs -Have you idea of what you are going to communicate -Who you are going to communicate with, for example if they are older or younger than you and if so how much are they, or a work colleague -What the person on the recovering end should do with the information for example if a parent asks the chid a question they are expecting an answer -What is the best way to ...read more.


on whether the message is either spoken or written because there are different ways of storing the information and also converting the information. If you find something hard to understand you should always ask the speaker and they should be able to explain it again but you should always wait for the speaker to finish talking and not interrupt. If the message received is being read you should always find somewhere to read it quietly, not be distracted and if you don?t seem to understand it you should try and reply to the person sending you the message. Step 5-message code If the message has been sent effectively, you should be able to understand what is being said or written. For example if a carer asks their patient how they feel, they will respond by saying if they are feeling good or bad. Does your body language back up what you are saying? For example if a member of staff at a primary school is talking to a toddler their body language should be calm and inviting and their voice should be calm and gentle rather than tense Step 6-message understood The last step is of the communication cycle is to make ...read more.


An example of this is a new nursery starting up to start with a group of new people would come together under the leadership of the manager. Together they would start forming relationships and lead by the manager would start to develop the aims of the nursery. As they would come from various backgrounds they may all have different ideas to contribute and ways of doing things during the forming stage the group would identify ways to work together with the leader still making sure that all ideas are listened to, there would possibly be some disagreements at this stage and the manager would still need to do some leading of the group. Once the group have identified the way that they want the nursery to run and everyone in the group knows what they?re doing they move on to the norming stage where people begin to work with each other knowing what they should be doing and communicating effectively Finally after a while if there are no changes to staffing the group will work independently knowing what they are doing and will need little assistance from the manager most of the time. ...read more.

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