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Article Analysis

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Article Analysis Paper Evans Oniha, RN University of Phoenix QNT554: Statistics for managerial Decision Making Group GA04MBA03F JYOTIRMAY DEB, Ph.D February 9, 2005 Article analysis: Nursing Shortage Nursing shortage is a serious problem affecting health care institutions today. Nursing shortages have occurred in health care throughout history, and especially since World War II. Just as the legion of baby boomers is about to swell the need for quality health care, America's nursing population is aging and more nurses are moving into primary care settings and into other disciplines. As a result, America's hospitals and other institutions need more nurses, especially those who deliver specialized care. As a healthcare provider and businessman this topic is of a special interest to me because nursing shortage have caused my business to loose million of dollars in the past five years. This paper examines the nursing shortage in the health care industry, the use of collaborative team approach in care delivery using a study that aims specifically to this problem and offer recommendations for employee retention. Many health care professionals are wondering why shortage transpired when managed care cost initiatives, implemented throughout the country, are dramatically decreasing the length of patient stays (Upenieks, 2003). ...read more.


These five hospitals were the focal point of further survey and interview-based research activity and came to be known as "magnet hospitals" (Aiken et al., 2000). Administrators of the participating hospitals completed an extensive data index form covering demographics, staffing, and leadership information. Approximately 5 years later, (Kramer & Hafner 1999) conducted several comparison follow up studies. The purpose of their research was to determine whether magnet hospitals maintained lower rates of vacancy and turnover, and higher levels of job satisfaction, than non-magnet hospitals. The non-magnet hospitals were selected from the same Bureau of Labor Statistics regions as the original magnet hospital study, with at least two hospitals representing a different hospital external system. In both hospital systems, a study sample consisting of nurses and physicians was done. Members of Unit A (magnet hospital) consisted of 34 nurses and 12 physicians (8 attending and 4 house officers), and those in Unit B (non-magnet hospital) consisted of 37 nurses and 22 physicians (7 attending and 15 house officers). All staff members employed on each of the study units was surveyed regarding teamwork and commitments to one organization. Approval for the study was obtained from the institutional review board. ...read more.


Several limitations were identified within this analysis, including sample size and instrument issues. Generalizability was limited due to the relatively small number of subjects responding in the two study units. Small sample sizes, as well as the use of only five hospitals in the same geographical area, limited the ability to generalize findings to a larger population. Generalizability was further limited by the collection of data in one geographic location. Further studies should survey nurses from varying geographic locations to validate the conclusion of this study. The additional types of quantitative research that would be valuable, that the author would recommend for this study includes phenomenological and grounded theory which will further explore this study. In conclusion, as available resources become scarce, nurses will be required to care for a higher number of acutely ill patients. Nurses providing direct patient care will need to use their time at the bedside efficiently, prioritizing direct care activities, and openly communicating with other health care professionals. The findings of this study also provide some valuable insight for nursing administrators. Hiring and retaining nurses committed to the organization will become crucial as the pool of qualified nurses diminishes. Based on this study, administrators should recruit nurses who understand that health care is at its best when health care professionals work collaboratively as members of a team, committed to providing the best possible patient care. ...read more.

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