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Barriers to Communication

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´╗┐Felicia hills Barrier to communication ( p3) Introduction In this assessment am going to be explaining the environmental factor that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in heath and social care environment for example setting, noise, seating, lighting space and time. It is very hard to hear or understand what someone is saying if there is a lot of noise in the background for example in a nursery children make up lots of noise so when your talking to someone you wouldn?t be able to hear or understand what the message was. It?s also very difficult to make sense of other people facial expressions if you can?t see their faces properly due to poor lighting. ...read more.


A noisy environment may therefore be difficult and unpleasant for someone who is using a hearing aid. Good lighting will be critical for someone who supports their understanding of speech with lip reading. Time limits on how long you can use a room can also interfere with communication. Now am going to be explaining barriers to communication, a barrier blocks things and stop them getting through. There are different types of communication barriers that stop communication from being effective. Three types of communication barriers Communication is not received- not responding to language needs or preferences. Not understanding sensory impairment or disability for example speaking to a deaf person who uses a signed language the sounds are not received. ...read more.


However, distorted understanding is not always easy to identify. Skilled use of the communication cycle may help you to check what has been understood or what communication barriers may exist. Jargon Jargon is like slang, it is a specific set of words and phrases which a small group of people can understand. Jargon evolves for example people that work in a certain job need to use certain words and terms, but a person that doesn?t work in that job wouldn?t be able to understand. Sometimes you get "corporate jargon" in which large companies or offices deliberately create mottos or slogans which become jargon - these are usually elaborate ways of saying things which could be said much more simply, and are used so show that you are a team player. Depression By Kabba Kamara ...read more.

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