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CACHE Level 2: Unit 6 Write an account of HOW you promoted a safe environment in your setting.

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´╗┐Unit 6 Task 1 Write an account of HOW you promoted a safe environment in your setting. During my time at my work placement I promoted a safe environment making sure that there were no possible hazards that could hurt the children, such as: 1. Made sure that the children went down different stairs as the stairs leading to the garden was wet due to a leaking pipe. 2. Removed a sharp object from the mist of children 3. Removed a broken toy that was set out in the garden I encourage the children to care for the environment? for example: 1. Boys should lift up the toilet seat when doing a wee-wee 2. Put away all equipment used during activity time 3. ...read more.


wash their hands before their meals with adult supervision 2. Get their own bottles as their names are written on them 3. To choose which type of cutlery that they will use during their meal The kind of social communications that should be encouraged would be: 1. Taking turns 2. Talking about what they have done far during the day 3. I f they like the food that they are eating 4. What they think they are having for desert The children are expected to: 1. Sit in their chairs 2. Backs should be straight 3. No elbows on the tables 4. Not talk with their mouths full of food We should let the child serve themselves because it: 1. ...read more.


Praise 2. Rewards 3. Acknowledging good behaviour in front of others 4. Make sure the children understand what is expected of them 5. Make sure that your expectations are age appropriate I would respond to unwanted behaviour by: 1. 5 minute time out 2. Because of the age of the child you would have to get down to their level and explain to them what they have done wrong and why they should not do it again but in a way that they would understand. I can be a good role model by: 1. Using appropriate language in from of children 2. Dressing should not be exposing 3. Sit down when eating, drink water, and finish all the food on my plate so that the children can do so as well 4. Wash my hands when I finish using the toilet and before meal time 5. Don?t talk with my mouth full when eating. ...read more.

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