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Care Needs

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People have different care needs according to the life stage they are in. If a person is to develop as a confident individual, then they will need to develop a self-image - a clear concept of self. They will need to think positively of themselves, in other words, they will need a sense of self-esteem. Infancy Newly born babies are completely dependent on parents or carers to look after them and keep them safe. They need to bond with their parents and feel secure in this. This helps them when making relationships later. Infants also depend on parents and carers to provide contact and stimulation in order to encourage intellectual development. Intellectual stimulation will lay the foundation for the development of a child's self-image. If a child has a chid-minder they need to be aware of these needs too. Childhood As children grow, they learn an ever-increasing range of skills like running, climbing, skipping, riding a bicycle and reading. As they gain new skills, children enjoy doing things for themselves and become more independent. Children will need practical opportunities to learn and develop. ...read more.


This could be pain relief, help with walking, feeding and cleaning and just someone to talk to. At this stage, many people need care plans where their needs are assessed and provided for. For example, some people may need to move into a care home, home helps might be needed to go into an old person's home to help with housework or shopping. Abraham Maslow Abraham Maslow (1934-1970) had a theory. His theory was that, human beings have all these different needs and that we all need to make sure we succeed in accomplishing our needs. He devised a pyramid showing all the needs of humans. Starting at the bottom with out 'basic needs', also known as physiological needs. This includes: * Breathing * Food * Water * Sex * Sleep * Warmth * Air * Shelter All these are what we do in everyday life. With out most of these (Breathing, water, food and air) we probably won't be alive. Next in the pyramid came 'safety needs', this included: * Security * Limits * Stability * Protection * Order * Law These things are for our safety and protection, (Security, protection and stability) ...read more.


This will help develop the person's self-esteem and help them emotionally. They need to make sure the person feels safe and protected and that they are in a safe environment. People who feel threatened have a lower self-image and lower self-esteem. The care worker needs to be able to talk to and listen to the person they are helping and let them see that they are going to do something to help them. Some people just need to feel that they are being listened to. They will feel supported and they will build a strong relationship with their carer and this will help develop the person's self-concept too. The person needs to feel like they are developing independence and this is important in childhood and adolescence. They need to feel this is valued and therefore will help support their self-esteem. Older people may need more support to stay independent, especially with their physical needs. Care workers need to make sure that the person is allowed to make choices otherwise it could be difficult for the person to develop a self-concept if they don't get the opportunity to make choices. Everyone needs to feel respected and maintain dignity during interaction with other people. Without this, people will develop a low sense of self-esteem ...read more.

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