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care plan for coronary heart disease

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Care Plan For Coronary Heart Disease. When suffering with coronary heart disease it is important to monitor the service user frequently, so if any problems arise they can be treated instantaneously. Dietary needs are important to people who suffer from coronary heart disease because their artery walls are already filled with fatty deposits causing the vessels to narrow. ...read more.


By doing these tests and regular check ups problems can be found. If these are found early enough they have more chance of being able to treat the service user. Pressure Sores Pressure sores occur in people who are not very active in everyday life. ...read more.


A person suffering from Coronary Heart Disease is at risk of catching any illness passed on by others; this is due to their immune system being lowered with illness. All care should be taken so that the service user will not catch any infections which may interfere with their recovery. Care Plan - Coronary Heart Disease By Bernadette Magdziarek ...read more.

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