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care value base

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The task: is to ask a care worker about the care value base. Professions: Pre-school teacher Setting: Pre- school Aspects of care values base How the care value base is used by the worker in their day to day work 1. Confidentially -At the Pre- school, the child's records were locked in a filing cabinet in the office. ...read more.


2.promoting individual's rights ( How are client protected from abuse) -Parents can report anything wrong to us (the staff at the Pre- school). 3. Promoting equality of opportunities in care setting. -All children can access the nursery: - We accept all children less than 5 years no matter their colour, religion, disability, or the way he/ or she is dressed. ...read more.


and value them all equally. 5.Acknowledging people's personal beliefs - To respect everyone's religion e.g: do not give Harem food to Muslims children, or cow meat to the Hindus children. 6. Supporting people through alternative approaches. - To be flexible and resourceful in trying to find ways of helping and supporting the children and their parents. This could be by listening and showing respect to them.............. Health & social Care Coursework: Unit1: Health, social Care early years Provision Page: By Taouba Khlifi ...read more.

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