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Care Values Bases in Care Settings

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Task 6 What is the care value base? * Guidelines and codes of practice followed by care workers to empower service users. * Empower means giving someone the ability to do something him or herself. How do the care workers empower service users? * By following the care value base. Components of the care value base? * Promoting anti discriminatory practice * Maintaining confidentiality * Promoting and supporting individual rights to dignity, impendence, health and safety. * Protecting individuals from abuse * Promoting effective communication and relationships * Promoting individuated care * Acknowledging individuals' personal beliefs and identities Points: Care workers need to make sure none is discriminated e.g. colour, race, gender, religion and culture Not taking someone personal dignity away e.g. a old person wetting themselves in the sitting room in front of everyone and you change them in front of everyone. Not taking someone personal impendency away e.g. not allowing them to do anything themselves like getting dressed themselves Effective communication with all clients 1) Promoting anti-discriminatory practice: * Freedom from discrimination * The right to be different * Awareness of assumptions made surrounding gender, race, age, sexuality, disability, and class. * Understand prejudice, stereotyping, and labelling and their effects. * Use of language (political correctness) Because everyone different people have different views of different and see the world in different ways. ...read more.


For example someone with mental problems that are kept totally under control with medication might become the subject of gossip and people may feel that they are a danger. Sometimes when people are at risk or the care worker feels the need to tell someone else the client's information this is called confidentiality within boundaries Then confidential information that clients tell care workers are passed on can lead to the clients felling:- * I don't belong here * Tm not important to them * You cant trust them * I'm never telling them anything again * I cant trust them * Nobody cares about me 3) Promoting and supporting individual's rights: People have the right to their own beliefs and lifestyles but no one has the right to damage someone else's lifestyle. Every right also has a responsibility too. The easiest way to understand and explain it is by the smoking issues. Every person has the right to smoke if they want even through there are health signs but each smoker has the responsibility to insure their smoke is not breathed in by other people. The government has made legislation, code of practice, employers' policies and national training standards outline which includes the following:- * Freedom from discrimination * A right to independence * The right to be respected and retain ones dignity * Health, safety and security * Confidentiality Rights Responsibilities Not to be discriminated against ...read more.


Effective relationships involve care practitioners in. * Using effective communication skills with clients. - Being responsive to communications (such as body language) as well as to the spoken word. - Listening to (and respecting) the ideas and opinions of clients * Partnerships with clients - Treating clients with respect - Developing self-esteem * Protecting rights - Providing help and advice - Promoting impendence - Protecting dignity * Being sensitive to the feeling of others - Being aware of own feelings. 7) Providing individualised care: It's important that every client have control of there own lives. A client needs help from care practitioners, but it's important that the practitioner strives to achieve the correct balance. Clients need to express their own opinions and make informed choices so that they feel in control of their own care and live. All clients have their own set of needs. When clients feel they have the attention they need, the clients feel that they are individualised cared for by the practitioners. For example:- An elderly person may wish to live in his own home for as long as he can. A social worker will make an assessment of what supports he will need and want for his needs. The social worker will help the client make a decision and arrange for the services to be provided so he can stay at home until it's no longer possible. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay aimed to discuss the care value base. An introduction outlining what would be covered would be useful to help the reader get a sense of what will be presented. It is also useful for the writer in terms of using it to check that what it is the main body matches what was written in the introduction.
Examples were given for each of the values, but consider giving examples from other settings such as a hospital or nursery which would evidence the ability to think more widely.
The writing style was in need of improvement due to the frequency of grammatical errors which could be minimised by careful proof-reading.
Consider the colour of the font you use as some readers might find it hard to read.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 09/08/2013

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