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Carry Out Some Research To Find Out What The Nutritional Standards Are. Do You Think That Such Standards Will Work? If So, Why? If Not, Why Not?

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The School Meals Review Panel Is An Expert Advisory Group On School Meal Standards. It First Met In May 2005. It Was Set Up By The Government In Response To A Campaign By TV Chef Jamie Oliver To Improve The Quality Of School Meals. It Has Announced Detailed Nutritional Standards for School Meals. Carry Out Some Research To Find Out What The Nutritional Standards Are. Do You Think That Such Standards Will Work? If So, Why? If Not, Why Not? (P4) Jamie Oliver has, in recent years become a household name in the kitchen, in 2005 he was part of a television series called "Jamie's School Dinners". The overall purpose of the series was to change the type of being served in school canteens. It has been argued that the nutrition of children whilst at school effects the way in which they learn and concentrate. At the beginning of the series Jamie went to a school that served processed food that was high in sugar, salt and fat. By the end he had convinced most people that the healthier option is the best choice and helped to create a balanced diet for lunch on a budget. It was also made clear that if Oliver made a success of the first school he would have a better chance at coercing members of the government to change the nutritional standards for school meals. "Jamie's School Dinners" was a huge success, and since then many things about the nutritional standards have changed the government has proposed that specific food based standards are applied to schools in England. ...read more.


The Food Safety Regulations 1995 clearly states the safe temperatures for storage heating and freezing food. The freezer should be kept at a temperature between -18�C to -22�C. The legal requirement of the refrigerator is that it should be 8�C but most refrigerators should be between 5 and 6�C. Hot food must be continually kept at a temperature of 63�C and temperature of reheated food must at a minimum be 82�C. It is not just humans that enjoy food, when working with food it can attract pests. These pests can come in a number of varieties like flies, insects and rodents. A food pest is a pest that can live on or contaminate food. The most common types of pests are insects, rodents and birds. It is important that food isn't contaminated by any bacteria because it can have damaging effects on the consumer and some can be potentially fatal. Education on safe food preparation is vital especially now as knowledge about health and safety is increasing. Devise A Two Day Food Plan For Two Different Service Users Suffering From Two Different Dietary Conditions (P6) Heart disease simply means any condition that has an effect on the heart or surrounding muscles. Some include Angina, heart failure, heart attacks and coronary heart disease. To help combat symptoms of heart disease such as high cholesterol here is a two day diet plan: Day 1 Breakfast * English muffin, (100% whole wheat muffin) * Buttery Spread 2 tsp * Egg, hard-boiled * Honeydew melon, 1 cup * Milk, nonfat 8 fl oz Morning Snack * Kiwi fruit, * Almond, 1/4 cup * Lunch * Turkey on whole grain: (100% whole grain bread2 slices) ...read more.


Role playing can also be a personal learning experience with members of the group having a chance to realise any sub - conscious prejudices, beliefs, attitudes or values. Our group consisted of Toni, Hannah, Danielle L, Danielle C, Lucinda and I. The role play that we were given to act out was in a nursery. A small child didn't feel comfortable leaving his mother to go into the nursery and the mother was being unhelpful because she kept making him worse. The challenge that was given to our group was to show the best possible way of handling the situation. The roles were allocated by confidence, with the most confident people in our group having the main speaking roles. Hannah played the child's mum, Toni was the small child, Lucinda was the teacher and both Danielle's and myself played other small children who were inside the nursery already playing a game. Whilst rehearsing our script and the scenario kept changing because we all kept coming up with new ideas. The performance in front of the class had a few minor changes, because it became clear that Danielle L was really shy and didn't really want to speak even though it had been arranged that she did. Other than that the only problems that the group had was stretching out the role play and given another chance I would expand the scenario and make the role play longer. This would have been possible, the only thing holding us back was the time that we were given to rehearse and the constant changes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natasha Coddington 2nd February, 2007 Nutrition - Assignment 2 1 ...read more.

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